Corona’s latest statistics: 8,000 injuries and deaths within 24 hours


The new Corona virus has killed at least 4,923 people and more than 131,160 infections in 116 countries since it appeared last December, according to a new toll from France based on data from countries and the World Health Organization.

The agency stressed that these statistics “do not reflect the number of diagnosed cases ideally, as countries adopt a limited screening policy, albeit to varying degrees.”

Since the last count at 17:00 GMT a day ago, there have been 357 deaths and 7,360 new infections worldwide.

Countries with the highest death toll in 24 hours are Italy (189 new deaths), Iran (75), and Spain (37).

In the total number of cases since the emergence of the virus, China recorded 80,793 infections, including 3169 deaths, and 62,793 cases recovered.

In the rest of the world, as of 17:00 Thursday, overall, 1754 deaths (346 new) out of 50,668 cases (7,345 new) were recorded.

Since 17:00 GMT Wednesday, Poland, Austria, Guyana, Algeria and Azerbaijan have announced their first HIV-related deaths on their soil.

In Asia as of 17:00 GMT, it recorded 90,773 injuries (3253 deaths), in Europe 27,741 cases (1182 deaths), in the Middle East 11035 cases (440 deaths), in the United States and Canada 1416 injuries (39 deaths), and in Latin America The Caribbean has 207 injuries (3 deaths), and in Africa 134 injuries (3 deaths).


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