Corona’s first infection found in Egyptian football


A goalkeeper coach, in the Madinah football club, who plays in the third division league in Egypt, was infected with the emerging Corona virus.

The former head of Al-Madinah Club, Abdul Rahim Ismail, said that the injured was “Walid Abdullah,” the team’s goalkeeper coach Infected with corona virus, And he was isolated in the Quarantine Hospital.

He added, during television statements to the program, “The Match”, which is broadcast on the Egyptian channel “Siddiq Al-Balad”, that Walid Abdullah was on a family visit to Alexandria, He was injured on his way back to Esna, Luxor“.

He continued: “The symptoms started with a feeling of a high temperature, and underwent a preliminary examination that did not show anything, took an antibiotic and solutions. But this was followed by a cough and breathing problems, and he went to intensive care.”

The Egyptian Football Association announced the suspension of the Egyptian League for two weeks. To reduce the spread of the Corona virus.

“Abdullah moved to the Quarantine Hospital in Esna, and his wife was detained, and she is in good condition now. We contacted the medical staff, and he said that his condition is good and constantly improving, and the ventilator was removed from him.”

On Sunday evening, the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced the registration of 33 new cases of the emerging corona virus, bringing the number of cases in Egypt to 327 cases, while four died today as a result of the virus, bringing the deaths to 14 cases.

Globally, the infections of the newly emerging Corona virus, which first appeared in central China at the end of last year, exceeded 335,000 infections and more than 14,600,000 deaths, while the number of people recovered exceeded 97,000.

While most cases were registered in China until the middle of last month, the “Covid 19” disease spread rapidly in different regions of the world, and the injuries reached 59 thousand in Italy and 32 thousand in the United States, along with thousands in about 180 other countries.

The study was disrupted in a number of countries around the world, in addition to canceling many public events and events and isolating millions of citizens. Several countries have also suspended flights and land between each other for fear that the virus will continue to spread.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the coronavirus as a “pandemic” or “global pandemic”, confirming that the infection figures are increasing very quickly, expressing concern that the infection rate may increase significantly.


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