Corona Virus: The new James Bond movie “No Time To Die” is postponed for seven months


The new movie, James Bond

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A poster for James Bond’s new movie “No Time to Die” in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand

Producers of the new James Bond movie “No Time to Die” have announced a seven-month postponement of their release on the market in response to calls for a delay due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The producers said they decided to postpone the release of the film to November instead of April 3, after “careful study and a thorough evaluation of the global art market.”

The fans and fans of James Bond films had demanded that the release of the elephant be postponed until summer, as “experts expect the epidemic to have receded after its outbreak.”

According to the producing company, the film, starring British actor Daniel Craig, will be released in theaters in Britain on November 12 and in the United States on November 25.

He invited the founders of two of James Bond’s film fans’ website to postpone the release of his upcoming movie due to fears associated with the spread of the Coruna virus.

James Page and David Leh, co-founders of MI6 Confidential, and Lucie James Bond, addressed a letter to EON and MGM Film Production and Universal.

The message, entitled No Time to Hesitate, stressed that “the time has come to put public health above the considerations of the dates of the first show.”

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James Bond’s character “A Woman Will Not Perform”

“There is only a month left before the premiere of” There is no time for death “globally, so the spread of the epidemic among population groups is likely to reach its peak, she added.

“There is an important possibility that cinemas may close their doors, or that the number of audiences is very limited in early April, even if there are no legal restrictions obliging cinemas to close their doors.”

The request came as Disney canceled a launch ceremony broadcast by “Disney Plus” in Britain.

The company said that its broadcasting ceremony, which was scheduled for March 5, was canceled “due to the cancellation of a number of media representatives and their attendance to potential concerns regarding travel to other countries.”

The open letter by Page and Leah included similar warnings addressed to the producers of the new James Bond.

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British actor Daniel Craig who plays James Bond

In their message, they expressed their particular concerns about the premiere of the film scheduled for March 31, noting that the number of those attending the “Royal Albert Hall” for the concerts is expected to reach 5,000 people, and warned that “one person, even if He did not show symptoms of the disease, he could infect all present.

The message added, “This is not the kind of publicity that people want.”

At present, there is no ban on large concerts or public gatherings in Britain.

However, France called for a temporary cessation of all closed events attended by more than 5,000 people, while Switzerland banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people until March 15.

The letter of the appeal also stated that postponing the release of the film until the summer season will not represent a huge hardship for the companies concerned.

“It is just a movie. The health and safety of fans around the world and their families is more important. We have waited for more than four years for this film. Waiting for a few months will not affect the quality of the movie, and it will help your boxers feel the overwhelming joy that Daniel Craig (James Bond) is out.

“Expensive step”

Bond’s latest film, Specter, made about $ 900 million at box office worldwide in 2015.

Some film analysts pointed out that the Corona virus could lead to losses of up to $ 5 billion in the global film industry, as many cinemas in China have already closed and theaters in South Korea and Italy have declined.

The news comes amid growing concerns about people gathering in private, closed places. This is the first major movie to change its schedule to market as a result.

Matthew Belloni, editor of The Hollywood Reporter, wrote that this was “a very big and expensive move, and an indication of what might happen with big summer Hollywood movies”.

Louise Tut, deputy editor of Screen International, told the BBC that the decision “is related to mitigating financial risks.”

“I think they are doing this in anticipation of the closure of cinemas all over the world. Most of them have already closed in China, which represents a huge loss for the second largest market in the world, even if no other theaters are closed, it will affect what is supposed to be the largest American cinematography this year. ”

Oscar winner Rami Malik, the 25-star James Bond series, stars in the Egyptian movie, and plays a “mysterious villain with dangerous new technology.”

The film was originally scheduled to launch in October 2019 after the original director Danny Boyle withdrew.

The Beijing movie premiere and a Chinese promotional tour, scheduled to begin in April, have been canceled.

The release of new Chinese films was also postponed due to the Corona virus, including Mulan and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Earlier on Wednesday, Sony Pictures Entertainment had closed its offices in London, Paris and Poland because of what it called “an extra caution.”

MIPTV, a television and entertainment industry grouping, was canceled in Cannes, France, less than four weeks before it opened.

The London Book Fair was also suspended on Wednesday, while the effects of the virus have canceled a number of sporting events, including the Chinese Grand Prix, Ireland’s match against Italy, and the World Indoor Championships.


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