Corona virus .. the latest developments in Arab and international


“Sky News Arabia” provides the latest news and the latest developments in the emerging corona virus in various countries of the world today, Thursday.

– Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi has announced that her country will prevent entry to or transit of foreign visitors who have visited cities experiencing outbreaks of Virus Corona in Iran, Italy and South Korea during the past 14 days, as of March 8.

– The Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq reported the registration of two new cases of the emerging coronavirus, bringing the total number of people infected in the region to eight.

– Authorities in the Iraqi city of Karbala announce the cancellation of Friday prayers, amid fears that the Corona virus will spread.

– Japan announced that it intends to implement the compulsory quarantine for two weeks on all visitors from China and North Korea, to contain the spread of the Corona virus, according to Japanese media.

– The Moroccan Ministry of Health reported the registration of the second confirmed case of corona, of a Moroccan woman from Italy.

Bosnia recorded the first case of corona virus, according to official media.

– The Ministry of Health in Kuwait announced the confirmation of two new cases of coronavirus, related to travel to Iran, bringing the total number to 58 cases – adding that “cases infected with coronavirus receive treatment, including a critical condition.”

– The Palestinian authorities revealed that four cases of Corona virus were recorded in a Beit Jala hotel. Quarantine staff and residents have been decided, swift action and adherence to medical instructions.

– The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection has called on citizens and residents to avoid traveling due to the current situation of the emerging virus and its spread in several countries.

– Another person died in Iraq as a result of infection with the Corona virus, and the first victim was in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the second in Baghdad.

– The Algerian Ministry of Health confirmed the emergence of nine new cases, which brings the total number of injured people inside the country to 17.

China announced Thursday that 31 people have died from the virus, with the total death toll exceeding 3,000 deaths, with a slight increase in the number of infections.

The National Health Commission registered 139 new infections, a slight increase from 119 in the previous day, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 80,409.

In South Korea, the total number of cases is close to 6 thousand, which is the largest number outside China, after the authorities registered 145 new cases.

The country’s health authorities said the total number of injuries was 5766, with 35 deaths.

– British airline “Flybe” declared bankruptcy on Thursday, after the Corona virus caused heavy losses to the company, which was already experiencing financial difficulties.

– Seiko Hashimoto, Minister of the Tokyo Olympics said today that Japan is still preparing for next summer’s Olympic Games, according to plans, after talk earlier this week of the possibility of a delay due to the spread of Corona.

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