Corona Virus raises chaos for English Premier League players


With the remainder of the football season in the Premier League soccer championship postponed, and instead of drooling around the end of the season due to new offers, hundreds of players are apprehensive about the impact of the Corona virus on their livelihoods and future.

Despite the fact that clubs expect to be given the green light to offer new temporary deals to players whose contracts are nearing their end, this delay in the football season may disrupt many of their plans and future projects.

The English Football Association and the Association of Professional Players have suspended the Premier League and Football League until the fourth of next April, at the earliest, due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus and the infection of many players and administrators with the virus.

According to the British Telegraph, another meeting on the subject of postponing football tournaments will be held in England next Thursday.

It is expected that the European Football Association (UEFA) will postpone the postponement of the European Championship this summer, Tuesday, which would open the way for the remaining matches in the local football tournaments to be concluded in the summer.

However, many club heads fear that this will be impossible even if government expectations about the height of the Corona virus outbreak within 12 to 14 weeks prove valid, but the possibility of the season being extended until summer has also raised questions about players whose contracts are due to expire in 30 June.

The biggest impact on players in English Premier League clubs who have enough money can live only and without savings, and will struggle to pay bills and stay afloat without any return from matches during the long layoff.

Hundreds of player contracts are due to expire on June 30, and there is little possibility that players at the bottom of the pyramid will get new permanent deals or extensions, while their clubs face an uncertain financial future and do not know whether the season will start again and when.

Clubs expect that the English Premier League, Premier League links, English Premier League and professional players will adopt a coordinated approach to allow players and clubs to enter into temporary contracts with players if the season should continue beyond June 30, but this does not provide safety for players in clubs who can lose Fortunes while hanging football matches.

And at least one agent of one of the players inquired whether his player could join a new club on the first of next July, in the short term or not, after the end of his current contract on June 30, but this measure by him violates the rules of transfer currently.

A Football League official told the Telegraph: “It is very easy for all football bodies and authorities in England to meet and agree that clubs can grant players temporary contracts to transfer them to the end of any season that is extended after suspension, in the event that this occurs, it can also be changed Transition periods accordingly. ”

He added: “It will be a frightening period in the end for many young players or in small clubs who have real estate loans and dues they must pay, and they will have to make decisions about their livelihoods and delay their future until the clubs become clear the issue of when they will return to play football again and thus obtain the real financial impact “.

In the Premier League, for example, Chelsea have 4 first-team players, Willian, Pedro Rodriguez, Olivier Giroud and Willie Caballero, their contracts expire on June 30, and the Watford goalkeeper, who is in danger of relegation, is Ben Foster and Herrihlho Gomez, who are from Their contract is due to expire on July 1.

In addition to the aforementioned players, there is also Bournemouth defender, Adrian Mariaba, alongside Ryan Fraser and Simon Francis whose contracts are nearing completion.

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