Corona virus poses a new threat to the Olympics, which were only canceled by wars


LONDON (Reuters) – Tokyo 2020 organizers and the International Olympic Committee are determined to press ahead with the Olympics despite a global outbreak of the Coruna virus, but calls for delay are increasing.

And if a delay occurred for several months, a year or two, it would not be the first time that the games faced this matter.

This scene was repeated in 1906, when the volcano revolution caused the transfer of the 1908 Summer Games from Rome to London after Italy directed the organizing funds to rebuild the city of Naples.

At that time, at a time when television broadcasts or professional participation were not known, the games were played in a stadium that was built in only ten months.

The Games also stood in the way of financial storms, and even the Great Depression, from 1929, did not succeed in preventing the Los Angeles Games from 1932.

Only the global war broke the four-year break between the summer courses.

The 1916 Berlin Games were canceled, and the 1940 Summer Games were moved from Tokyo to Helsinki after the Japanese invasion of China in 1937, before being forgotten by Russia’s invasion of Finnish territory two years later.

The 1944 games also paid the price of the war. London won the right to organize in 1939, but hosted it in 1948 instead.

The 1940 Winter Games in Japan’s Sapporo and 1944 in Italy’s Cortina were also canceled due to the war.

On three other occasions, a major boycott of the games occurred in Montreal 1976, in Moscow 1980 and in Los Angeles 1984, but each time the games went forward. Even after the 1972 Munich Olympics attack that killed 11 Israelis, rivalries were resumed after being suspended for only 34 hours. .

“The reason for the specificity and difficulty of this crisis is the mystery of the situation,” Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, told the New York Times on Thursday. No one today can know the developments of the situation tomorrow or how it will be after a month, let alone more than four months.

Ashraf Hamed prepared for the Arab publication


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