Corona Virus Messi contract renewal .. Bartomio’s dream in light of the Barcelona crises


The world is going through a major health crisis following the emergence of a virus called it Corona is introduced Or Covid-19, which affected all fields, including economic and sports.

This virus transmitted a state of terror in all countries of the world, especially since the number of infected people exceeded a quarter of a million, in addition to harvesting at least 11 thousand souls around the world.

In spite of that crisis, which will have economic impacts on all clubs and sports entities around the world, however Josep Maria BartomeoClub President Barcelona The Spaniard, forced to move forward on the issue of renewing the contract of his first star and captain Lionel Messi.

He had set a goal for himself, namely: to move forward in negotiations to renew Messi’s contract, which will expire in 2021 during the month of March, especially since the player has a penalty clause allowing him to leave the Blaugrana next June and play for any other club.

Bartomeo’s idea was to meet with Messi’s father before entering the season in his decisive moments in the Spanish Primera Liga and the Champions League.

Barcelona crises may affect Lionel’s contract renewal negotiations

A few months ago, Eric Abidal, Barcelona’s technical secretary, blamed the squad for being the first reason why Ernesto Valverde was dismissed as coach, and he did not like his speech to Lionel, so he went out and said: «Sports administration officials must assume their responsibilities», In a clear reference to Abidal.A few days later, a new crisis arose regarding the club’s contracting relationship with a company whose mission is to discredit the club symbols and current players as Messi himself, in addition to improving the image and management of Bartomeo, which may play a major role as well in the matter of whether or not the Argentine star renewed his contract.

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Messi confirms his desire to continue with Barcelona

On the twentieth of last February, Messi met with the newspaper «Mundo Deportivo“During which he emphasized that his idea revolves around continuing with Barcelona, ​​as long as the club and the public want it, indicating also his desire to win the Champions League again and continue winning the league and other local titles.

Messi stated in that interview that he could have left Barcelona on more than one occasion, and that there were many clubs willing to pay the value of his penal condition for his services, but the idea of ​​leaving did not interest him at all, and he also does not think about leaving the Catalan club at the moment The current.

Messi wants to own his fate in his hand

Bartomeo wants to renew Messi’s contract and take his last photo with him as he renews his contract so that this image remains engraved in the minds of Barcelona fans.

Often, he still has a Yemeni Bartomio himself with a contract with Messi for life, but the Argentine wants to own his fate with his hand year after year.

The issue of Messi’s contract renewal will be the first things Bartomeo and the player’s father will be working on in the current period.

Mundo Deportivo had indicated in January that Messi might renew his contract while retaining the option to leave in June 2021 unilaterally as stipulated in his current contract, which also allows him to leave this summer.

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Barcelona storm will calm down Messi’s renewal

After the recent storms that nearly toppled Bartomio from his post, Barcelona regained the atmosphere of calm again, specifically after regaining the top of the Spanish league arrangement from Real Madrid and stopped activity due to the new Corona virus.

Bartomeo hopes to renew Messi’s contract because he is fully aware that this matter will save him a lot among the fans of the Catalan team, because the player is so important and love in all their hearts.


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