Corona Virus: Kuwaiti representative, “reasonable Egypt does not have a corona”?


Social media has caught fire in Egypt and Kuwait after the Kuwaiti authorities decided to prevent Egyptians from entering their lands, due to the new Corona virus.

Kuwaiti media quoted security sources in the Ministry of Interior as stopping all types of visas for Egyptians.

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Kuwaiti Ministry of Health employees examine the employees of the Ministries Complex upon their arrival in their work in Kuwait City

Egypt / Kuwait

Kuwaiti MP Safaa Al-Hashim praised the decision to stop issuing visas to Egyptians, and considered it “a correct decision, in light of the circumstances the country is going through in the face of the Corona epidemic.”

It also called for “preventing all expatriates residing on vacation in Egypt from entering Kuwait during this period, so that we can ensure that they do not have the disease.”

The Kuwaiti MP, Youssef Al-Fadala, addressed the Minister of Health and the ministers concerned with the Corona file “to stop the airlines coming from Egypt as they were stopped with Iran,” noting that the Egyptian community “is one of the largest communities residing in Kuwait and what is happening there is a strange thing not to acknowledge until now the presence of infected cases and for this We must alert the Minister of Health to take caution. ”

A number of Kuwaitis adopted through the social networking sites the point of view of Al-Hashem and Al-Fadalah, considering that preventing the Egyptian expatriates to Kuwait “is in the interest and safety of the Kuwaiti people,” they said.

Hamad said: “I hope that Egyptian expatriates will be prevented from entering Kuwait in order to preserve the lives of the people.”

Mubarak Al-Saeed said: “Egypt is one of the countries affected by the Corona virus, according to the testimony of its citizens, but the government is concealing this thing because of fear for tourism. If Kuwait allows Egyptians to enter Kuwait and the infection is transmitted, the Prime Minister will be fully responsible for this matter.”

On the other hand, Kuwaiti media journalist Aisha Al-Rasheed rejected what she described as “the campaign against Egypt”, saying: “The campaign against which Egypt is the most fierce of the Corona virus and the media war against Egypt comes within the wars of the fourth generation.” Corona in Egypt.

A number of Kuwaitis supported Al-Rashid’s position, and Abu Abdullah said through a series of tweets: “A message from a Kuwaiti citizen to Egypt, I apologize to the Egyptian brothers and brothers and the great people of Egypt and their leaders for what he does and writes some fake accounts to stir sedition between Kuwaiti and Egyptian brothers …” .

He added: “… we know that you are a sophisticated and civilized people. I hope that God will always make us brothers and brothers and do not divide us by temptation. Oh God, save our state Kuwait and our Emir and our leaders and protect Egypt and its president and people from all hatred and hateful and traitor and mercenaries.”

For their part, a number of Egyptians residing in Kuwait organized a protest in front of the Kuwaiti embassy in Egypt, expressing their dissatisfaction with the tickets they had purchased previously, trying to speak to an official inside the Kuwaiti embassy, ​​but to no avail.

One of them said: “Our tickets are smelly and our children are wasted there and we cannot find an official to talk to.”

The Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs abroad, Ambassador Nabila Makram, contacted the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Cairo, Ambassador Mohamed Saleh Al-Dhoikh, to coordinate the return of Egyptians residing in Kuwait and on vacation in Egypt, in the context of global trends to reduce the risks of the spread of the Corona virus,

The Minister of Immigration stressed that the returning Egyptians must perform a “PCR” analysis, which is an accurate blood analysis used to detect many viruses and diseases, to find out any indications of the existence of any virus or not, in application of the established rules to combat infection, and to certify the result of the analysis from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to provide To the Kuwaiti embassy in Egypt, so that he can return to his work in Kuwait.

The Director General of Quarantine at the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Dr. Ayman Imam, told the Echo of the country that there is no official decision to do a “PCR” analysis for travelers from Egypt to any country in the world, adding that this comes in compliance with what the Egyptian Prime Minister stated, and that there is no Any formal decision in this regard, and that everything that is circulated is social media chats.

According to the echo of the country, “the quarantine director confirmed, in exclusive statements to the channel, that the quarantine was not requested to do PCR analyzes for travelers, adding that there is no reason to do PCR analyzes, because Egypt has no injury or A pandemic, there is no explanation for the work of the tests, for those who come out of a country where there is no spread of the Corona virus.

The World Health Organization in Egypt

The World Health Organization in Egypt, on Wednesday, published a tweet on its official page on Twitter, in which it said: “The World Health Organization confirms that so far the number of cases that have been confirmed with Covid disease 19 are only two cases for two non-Egyptians, they were dealt with professionally and also all were revealed Contacts with them, and the necessary precautions were applied to them according to the organization’s standards. ”

Egypt / Qatar

Kuwait was not the only country that prevented Egyptians from entering its territory.

The official Qatari government liaison office account on Twitter posted a tweet in which he said: “The State of Qatar has imposed temporary restrictions on entering its territory for all travelers coming from the Arab Republic of Egypt through intermediary points, in the framework of public health measures necessary to limit the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 2019) ).

For its part, the Egyptian government said on Wednesday that it had decided to prevent entry of Qatari citizens to Egypt from March 6, even if they carry a valid residence in Egypt amid fears of the spread of the Corona virus.


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