Corona virus deaths in America exceed 3000



_ New York City welcomed the arrival of a 1,000-bed floating hospital in the US Navy on Monday as a hope glimmer in the city’s desperate battle with the Corona epidemic, while the number of pandemic deaths in the country exceeded 3,000.

People gathered on both sides of the Hudson River in New York and New Jersey to welcome the Comfort, a modified white tanker with huge red crosses, as it passed the Statue of Liberty with support ships and helicopters.

The US Navy said the ship (Comfort) would treat patients who were not infected with the Coronavirus, including those in need of surgery or medical care.

“It is an atmosphere of war and we must all join together,” said New York Mayor Bill de Palacio, who was among the dignitaries who gathered to welcome the floating hospital. The city’s hospitals are suffering from Corona virus patients.

On Monday, the United States witnessed the largest daily number of deaths due to the virus, as it exceeded 500 cases, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 3001, in addition to more than 160,000 recorded cases, according to the statistics compiled by it.

The United States has the largest number of confirmed infections in the world in one country, a number that is likely to rise as examinations increase.

President Donald Trump said in a statement at the White House that more than a million Americans, less than three percent of the population, had been examined.

Trump added that the social divergence directives announced on Sunday may continue to tighten until the end of next month.

Trump, who has been criticized for downplaying the epidemic in its early stages, urged Americans to abide by the restrictions.

“Each of us has a role to play in winning this war,” he said. Every citizen, family and company can make a difference in efforts to eliminate the virus.

This is our common national duty. We have difficult times in the next 30 days, which are 30 very important days. ”


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