Corona virus causes chaos in the calendar of sports events


The chaos caused by the outbreak of the new Corona virus around the world has been reflected in # sporting events from Asia to Europe, passing through the United States. Italy was the hardest hit on the old continent, where competitions, especially soccer matches, were held behind closed doors.

The following are the most prominent sporting events that have been canceled, postponed, or whose stay is threatened by the virus that killed, until the morning of Monday, March 9, the lives of more than 3,800 people and affected about 110,000:

* German International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach stressed that the “cancellation or postponement” of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was not touched because of the new Corona virus during the Executive Committee meetings in Lausanne, which were held about five months before the scheduled date of the games (24 July-9). From August).

He said, “We face many challenges, but I do not want to throw more rumors. The International Olympic Committee reaffirms its full commitment to confirm the success of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.”

He continued, “The word cancel or postponement was never mentioned.”

* In Italy, the country most affected by the virus on the European continent, where the number of deaths on Sunday reached 366 and imposed isolation on large areas in the north of the country, the decision was made to hold football matches, in addition to all major sporting events, behind closed doors until the third of April .

After many matches were postponed, Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora on Sunday called for an “immediate” suspension of the matches of the first popular game. “The Italian Football Federation must think about stopping the Serie A + competition immediately,” the government official wrote on his Facebook page.

He added: “It is illogical, while we ask people to make huge sacrifices to reduce the spread of the virus, threatening the lives of players, referees, technical personnel, and fans who will inevitably meet to attend the matches, and not to temporarily suspend football matches.”

* The match between Paris Saint Germain and his German guest Dortmund takes place in the second leg of the final price of the European Champions League match Wednesday in Paris, behind closed doors, similar to the match between Valencia and Spain, Atalanta, Italy on the tenth of this month, and the match between Inter Milan and Getafe Spain in the final price. Europa League “in 12 of it.

* The Japanese League decided to postpone all matches, including the cup competition, until March 15, while the Chinese League, which was scheduled to start on February 22, was postponed, in addition to “all sports competitions of various kinds and at all levels.”

* The first and second division leagues in Switzerland were postponed until March 23.

* West Asian Football Associations agreed to the proposal of the International Federation (FIFA) to postpone the qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, following two meetings held with representatives of the Continental Federation in Doha and Dubai.

The two Western meetings, according to AFC participants, also discussed the fate of the AFC Champions League matches, after representatives of the East Clubs agreed on new dates in a meeting held with the Continental Federation this week.

In a statement, the AFC confined itself to confirming the postponement of the third round of the Champions League competition, which was scheduled for the second and third of March, and asked “the national federations to cooperate in preparing a plan to complete the remaining matches from the group stage before entering the round of 16”.

“The quarter-final matches will be transferred to September, and the semi-final will be transferred to the days of 14 and 15 October in the back and 28 and 29 of the same month forth, with the final round date remaining on November 22 to go in the east and 28 November to return in the west, without A change”.

Many matches in the second AFC Cup contest were postponed.

* The German Bundesliga is considering setting up the next stages without an audience.

* Former Danish international Thomas Kahlenberg was infected with the virus, and 13 members of his former team Brundby were quarantined.

* The Saudi Ministry of Sports announced the cancellation of a games that were scheduled between March 23 and April 1, after it had announced earlier also the suspension of the mass attendance in all games until further notice.

* Morocco decided to suspend cultural and sports activities in which foreigners participate, and to hold sports matches without an audience, in anticipation of the spread of the virus, in a decision that extends until at least the end of March.

* The Emirates Football Association announced that all matches will be held in all competitions (first and second degree) without an audience until further notice.

* The Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sports called for the suspension of all sports activities until the end of March, as a precautionary measure similar to what the Kuwaiti authorities did.

* The West Asian Football Federation decided to postpone the second youth championship in the city of Aqaba, in southern Jordan, scheduled for March 17, and the eighth junior championship in Saudi Arabia from April 14 to 23, “until further notice.”

* On the eighth of March, the Jordan Basketball Association announced the freezing of activities “until further notice”, which includes two female youth championships and one for junior and school leagues, with the aim of “preventing direct contact between players and reducing the audience’s meeting in tight gatherings.”

* Organizers of the Indian Wells Professional and Professional Course announced the cancellation of competitions that were scheduled to start on the ninth of March. “Health and safety of the local community, fans, players, volunteers, sponsors, employees, vendors, and everyone involved in this event are of the utmost importance,” said its director Tommy Haas.

* The last two phases of the Emirates cruise were canceled due to the discovery of two cases of Corona virus among the technicians of the teams, which led to putting the crews and riders quarantined in their hotels in the capital Abu Dhabi, which announced eight cases related to the race.

* The Ski World Cup final, scheduled for March 16-22 in Corentina d’Ampezzo, was canceled due to an outbreak in Italy.

* The Paris Marathon, scheduled for April 5, with the participation of about 60,000 runners and runners, was postponed to October 18, while the participation of about 38,000 hobbyists in the Tokyo Marathon, which was held on March 1, was canceled, and the Pyongyang Marathon, which is usually held in April.

* The World Athletics Championships were deported inside the scheduled hall in Nanjing, China, from March 13 to 15, until 2021. The first major sporting event in the Mother of Sports Games was scheduled to be four months before the Summer Olympics hosted by Tokyo between July 24 And the ninth of the next August.

* The organizers of the Bahrain Grand Prix, the second stage of the Formula One World Championship scheduled for March 22nd, announced that it will be held without an audience.

Organizers said in a statement on the eighth of March, that the step comes “to preserve the safety of citizens, residents and fans” of this sport.

* The Chinese Grand Prix race in the Formula One World Championship, which was scheduled to be held at the Shanghai Circuit between April 17 and 19, was postponed, while the Moto GB category was absent from the opening round of the Motorcycle World Championship in Qatar on Sunday, and the Thailand award, which was decided mainly On March 22nd.

* The organizers of the Australian Grand Prix, the first phase of the Formula One World Championship scheduled for March 15th, stressed that it is out of the question to hold experiments and the main race without an audience.

* The International Olympic Committee transferred the qualifiers to the Tokyo Olympics to Jordan (3-11 March) after it was scheduled in February in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

* The World Table Tennis Championship, which was scheduled to take place in March in the South Korean city of Busan, was postponed.

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