Corona Virus .. An Iranian video falls in front of a hospital and nobody helps it


Iranian bloggers circulated a video showing a citizen falling in front of a hospital in the country, as a result of a corona injury.

The video shows a man lying on the ground and coughing heavily, in front of the “Rasool Akram” hospital in the Iranian province of Gilan, without anyone interfering to help him.

Iranian journalist, Messih Alinjad, commented on the video, “This poor man collapsed in front of the hospital, but they did not accept him (the hospital) because it is full, while the hospitals are suffering from poor equipment, Iran’s leaders are not interested.”

On Sunday, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced that the number of deaths due to the Corona virus rose to 6,566, after 743 new cases were diagnosed.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian media had announced on Saturday, a parliamentary death after being infected with the fatal Corona disease, and the Fars News Agency said that the Iranian deputy, Fatima Rahbar, on behalf of Tehran, had died of her HIV infection.

Before that, activists and journalists announced the news of the death of the former Iranian ambassador to Syria and the assistant foreign minister, Hussain Sheikh Al-Islam, after he was infected with the new Corona virus in Tehran, coinciding with the authorities imposing a quarantine on him.


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