Corona threatens the launch of the new Mach-E electric Mustang



Ahmed Gamal Ahmed
Mach-E Mustang

Mach-E Mustang

After it was officially unveiled in November 2019, Ford Motor Company, the American automaker, announced that the sale date of the Mach-E electric Mustang model for sale on the market, as well as the delivery date of units booked from it, would be completed by May 11.

According to Motor One, Ford is currently considering postponing this appointment indefinitely, in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging around the world.

The American website said that the postponement of the model’s launch date comes after the circulation of a number of agencies that are concerned with the sale of the model when it is put on the market, for a copy of what is considered an experimental model of the sale and delivery document of the model to buyers, in which the aforementioned date, May 11, did not appear as the deadline for its launch as Ford previously announced.

It is worth noting that Ford has previously announced its support to customers affected by their work, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in the United States.

And through a video clip published by Ford on its official channel on the site “YouTube”, through which it announced its introduction through its division of lending division of Ford Credit, a policy of facilitating payment for its current and future clients in light of the crisis, giving them a grace period to pay the cost of cars up to 90 days.

Regarding the new customers of the company, the “ninety days” policy will be applied to the payment of the first payment when purchasing new cars, as it will allow new company customers to postpone the payment of this payment of the car’s cost for a period that does not exceed 3 months, if it is proven that they are affected by the Corona virus in periods of time. Quarantine.


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