Corona reserves are ongoing and the procedures according to the data


Source: Riyadh – Arabic. Net

The spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, Muhammad al-Abd al-Aali, confirmed that the precautions regarding the Corona virus are continuing, and the procedures that are taking place either at the outlets or inside the health facilities are continuing, and strengthening and monitoring them and taking the necessary measures according to the situation and daily monitoring data, whether global, regional or local risks are continuing.

This came during a press briefing, Thursday, to review the latest developments of Virus Corona in the Kingdom.

And on the reported cases of those infected with the new coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health spokesperson confirmed that the Ministry is continuing its efforts with all relevant authorities for effective health monitoring in detecting cases, and that work will always be continued to explore or monitor suspicious cases, and whoever is proven to be infected will be announced. And provide health care for him.

Al-Abd Al-Ali stressed the necessity of disclosing returnees to the Kingdom from the point of arrival when entering the land, air or sea ports, especially those who were in areas where the virus has spread, calling on citizens and residents who passed through the Kingdom’s ports and did not disclose to the speed of communication with health facilities or number 937 To protect themselves, their families, their families, their surroundings and society.

He drew attention to the fact that all five cases reported in the Kingdom with the emerging coronavirus were the source of infection in Iran from Iran, indicating that this indicates that the hotspots and their arrival are high risks, and therefore disclosure of the point of arrival at the outlets is very important to protect society from the virus.

Al-Abdulali indicated that the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control is making efforts within an organized framework with the rest of the authorities to continue the evaluation process, and that the International Center for Crowd Medicine continues to evaluate it with regard to crowd medicine and gatherings and their risk levels and establishes controls, indicating that there is a strong scientific mechanism And sober and reliable to classify the risks for clusters or crowds, and it is a very powerful mechanism for knowing the levels of these risks and the interaction according to the levels, precautions and necessary precautions according to them according to scientific evidence.


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