Corona player injury suspends NBA season


Washington / Anatolia

The American Basketball Association (NBA) announced, on Wednesday, the suspension of the current sports season until further notice after it showed preliminary results of the analysis of a player from the “Utah Gas” team with the “new Corona” virus.

The association said in a statement that it canceled a match that would have brought together the “Oklahoma City Thunder” and “Utah Jazz” teams, after the result of the analysis showed that the player was injured shortly before the match started, without revealing the player’s identity.

“The NBA will be suspended after the closing schedule for today (Wednesday) until further notice,” the association added, adding that it will take advantage of this pause “to determine the next steps forward in relation to the Coruna virus epidemic.”

According to unofficial statistics, as of Wednesday evening, 125,597 people had been infected with Corona, in 121 countries and territories, and the virus had caused 4,655 deaths worldwide.

And the spread of the virus led to the suspension of Umrah, flights, and postponement or cancellation of sporting, political and economic activities around the world, amid rapid efforts to contain the disease, which sparked a state of terror in the world.

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