Corona outbreak worsens … French Health Minister warns against use of anti-inflammatory drugs


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On Saturday, French authorities warned that over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs could exacerbate the coronavirus.

“Taking anti-inflammatory drugs,” French Health Minister Olivier Ferrand said on his Twitter account on Saturday [إيبوبروفين والكورتيزون…] It could be a factor in exacerbating the infection. ”

Anti-inflammatory alternative

“In the event of a fever, take paracetamol, and if you are already taking anti-inflammatory medication, ask your doctor’s advice,” Ferran added.

Health officials in France note that the anti-inflammatory group of drugs is known to pose a danger to people with infectious diseases because it tends to reduce the body’s immune system response.

The Ministry of Health added that patients should choose paracetamol because it “will reduce fever and treat inflammation.”

For his part, Jean-Louis Montastrock, head of the medicine department at Toulouse French Hospital, said:

“Anti-inflammatory drugs increase the risk of complications when there is a fever or infection.”

She announced French Ministry of Health On entering the country in the third and final stage, which is the most dangerous in the stages of the spread of coronavirus.

Rose, friday evening, Number of coronavirus cases In the country 800 cases within 24 hours.


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