Corona offers Najwa Karam harsh criticism


A number of active accounts on the “Instagram” photo and video application shared a video recorded during the ceremony held by Lebanese artist Najwa Karam days ago in the German city of Cologne.

She said in a behind-the-scenes interview that what she hopes most is peace and the recovery of all the sick. The video included a clip of the ceremony, which was attended by a crowd of fans of the artist.

However, some followers were criticized for holding a party while the world was suffering from the spread of the Coruna virus. They pointed out the importance of being careful and not going to places where there are gatherings in order to prevent the rapid transmission of the virus.

From what they wrote in their comments: “This is not a challenge. This is a lack of scientific awareness of things “and” how many people have been infected by the infection? ” And “This is supposed to happen if Lebanon does not enter it” and “Najwa Karam challenges Corona to sing among her fans at her last concert in Cologne, Germany, despite the spread of the virus.”

It is noteworthy that the artist posted on her own account on the application a photo taken of her on the sidelines of the concert and through which she achieved more than 48 thousand likes.


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