Corona .. London warns its citizens, Paris: We will close our borders with Britain


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On Sunday, the British government asked 1.5 million people who live in the country and who are considered the most vulnerable to the emerging Corona virus, to stay in their homes for 3 months, while the French President threatened to impose an entry ban from Britain if it did not take stronger measures against Corona.

“Up to 1.5 million people in England have been identified by the public health service as seriously exposed to serious diseases if they contract the emerging coronavirus, they will have to stay at home to protect themselves,” the government said in a statement.

A telephone line will be dedicated to helping those who need it most, and it will also be possible to deliver medicines and items to the homes of the isolated people.

from London
from London

“It will be a worrying time, especially for those who have serious health problems, and this is why we are taking urgent measures to ensure that very vulnerable people take additional steps to protect themselves,” said Minister of Communities Robert Jenrick.

On Saturday, the British authorities asked residents to act with greater responsibility and to avoid emptying supermarket shelves of goods and not moving around the country to curb the increasing outbreak of the emerging Corona epidemic.

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The outbreak accelerated in recent days in Britain, after killing 177 people. The British rushed to the stores and emptied them of basic products, including pasta, canned goods, and toilet paper.

This comes as a French newspaper said that President Emmanuel Macron threatened to close France’s borders with Britain on Friday if British Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed to take more stringent measures to contain the outbreak of the Corona virus.

from Paris
from Paris

Johnson had ordered on Friday to close bars, restaurants, theaters, cinemas and gyms to slow the rapid spread of the disease, days after other European countries imposed a closure of the country.

The French newspaper “Liberation”, citing sources in Macron’s office, said that Johnson’s decision came after the French leader sent him an ultimatum Friday morning threatening to impose a ban on entry for any traveler coming from Britain if no new measures were taken.

“We had to explicitly threaten him to make him move eventually,” the report quoted an Elysee official as saying.

The British government said it was acting on the guidance of its scientific advisors, while strengthening its efforts to reduce the spread of the disease.

Macron ordered severe restrictions on the movement of people in France on Monday. Restaurants, bars and schools across the country were closed and the government ordered people to stay indoors and only go out to buy their goods, go to work, train, or take medical care.

Macron also urged that European Union member states close their foreign borders last week.


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