Corona kills mental health … tension, anxiety and fear of the unknown


Since the start of the “Corona Crisis,” its effects have started to increase more and more on the psyche of citizens, which has become more acute with the activation of the health emergency and the commitment of a number of people to the home quarantine; not to mention tracking the increasing numbers of confirmed injuries and even deaths.

The current situation requires a person to take into consideration his mental health, and to combat his exposure to any form of stress, anxiety or even depression by staying at home all of the time, or constant thinking about the disease.

In this context, the Al-Razi University Hospital for Psychiatry and the University Hospital Center Ibn Sina prepared a guide for the prevention of psychological repercussions of quarantine, confirming that the situation results in multiple disorders, including sleep disorders, irritability, boredom, fear, anxiety, tension and depression at times, noting “These symptoms differ from one person to another, depending on the nature of his personality and his surroundings.”

The evidence highlights that the disturbances are caused by the pressures that a person may face during this period, such as lack of clear and reliable information, frustration, isolation, doubt and fear of the unknown.

The guide recommends the need to contact the listening and counseling centers that have been placed at the disposal of citizens when feeling a fear of infection with the Corona virus that exceeds the usual fear in a way that affects daily life, such as sleep disturbance or loss of appetite or excessive concern for personal and family health.

According to the World Health Organization, most, if not all, people exposed to emergencies are likely to experience psychological distress, and most of them can improve their condition over time.

The organization provides a number of advice that must be adhered to during this period, the most important of which is the need to take care of physical and mental health, which will help in the long term and to combat corona, and eat healthy food, which will help the immune system to do its job well, while reducing alcohol consumption and avoiding drinks Rich in sugar.

Among the recommendations of the international organization also: “Do not smoke, as smoking may exacerbate the risk of illness if you become infected with the virus. Do aerobic exercise. 30 minutes of movement a day for adults and an hour for children. And take care of mental health because it is normal for you to feel fear in these times and confusion and fear, but talk With people you know, trust, and support other people in your societies and ask about your neighbors, friends and relatives. ”


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