Corona joins Italian Cuteroni and penetrates French football


ROME – Italian striker Patrick Cutroni joined the list of those infected with the new virus Corona in Italian football, with his club Fiorentina announcing Saturday to register two additional cases in his ranks, while French football is on a date with a first case for the player in the second degree.

Fiorentina said that Cotroni and his Argentine colleague, German Pescilla, were found to be infected with the “Covid-19” virus, which Italy is the most affected in Europe. The two joined their Serbian colleague Dushan Flahovic, who was injured on Friday.

Fiorentina said in a statement that the two new patients “showed some symptoms,” adding, “The results of the examination that they underwent three were positive. They are in good health and are at home in Florence.”

The three joined a number of Serie A players in Italy who had been confirmed with the virus. The first case was scored by Juventus defender Daniele Rogani, before Sampdoria announced the injury of five of his players and a doctor.

Italy is the most affected by the virus in the old continent, and the second globally after China, where the main focus of “Covid-19” in Wuhan. According to a toll compiled by Agence France-Presse from official sources, as of Friday evening, 1,666 deaths had occurred among the 17,660 injuries.

And the spread of the virus imposed a near-complete paralysis in European football, with the suspension of competitions in the majority of local tournaments, especially the top five (Italy, France, Germany, England, Spain), in addition to the matches that were scheduled next week within the continental competitions of the Champions League and “Europa League” “.

In France, it was announced Friday night that it had recorded the first injury in domestic football. Troyes Club, the fourth-tier arrangement, revealed in a statement that “a professional player and another in the junior center were diagnosed with the emerging coronavirus + Covid-19,” noting that “they were placed directly in isolation in their home.”

The rest of the club are subject to “medical supervision.”

The French League had suspended the first and second-degree competitions on Friday until further notice, as was done by most national championships in the old continent, as part of efforts to curb the spread of the virus that has killed more than five thousand people around the world.

In France, the virus has killed 79 people and infected more than 3,600.

England players and coaches were also not immune from the virus, as Arsenal coach Michael Artita was infected with the virus, and Chelsea player Calum Hudson-Udoy, suspected of infection in other clubs.


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