Corona in the stadiums of the world .. Salary cuts threaten Saudi stars and the president of Real Madrid in a critical condition


“Saudi” reviews you the latest news of the Corona virus on global football fields during the past hours.

– Sports critic Adel Al-Tuwaijri revealed a prospective decision from the Football Association to reduce players ’salaries by 20 to 30%.

– English football legend Gary Linnaker announced that he was infected with Coronavirus, after he was infected by his son

– Al-Ahly club used the period of compulsory stopping of the sporting activity, in order to prepare Prince Mohammed Al-Faisal Stadium for the coming period.

The La Liga League decided to freeze La Liga until at least April 3, in light of the spread of the Corona virus

– Romanian Razvan Lusescu, Al Hilal’s coach, stressed that he is taking advantage of the stopping activity, in order to learn new tactical methods, to lead the leader to platforms to crown.

– Former Real Madrid president Fernando Martin Alvarez is in critical condition after being infected with the Corona virus


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