Corona fuels the rift between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain


The dispute between Iran on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia and Bahrain on the other side, intensified against the background of measures related to the spread of the Corona virus. As Saudi Arabia recorded 5 cases, and Bahrain 55 cases, the two countries reported that the source of infections is Iran, as well as most of the countries in the region where the virus spread, for citizens and residents who visited Iran via Bahrain or Kuwait, and also those who mixed them after their return. The healthy development remained within its natural limits, despite the presence of a popular, political and doctrinal debate on social networking sites in the Gulf countries about the crisis, but a position that came out of the Saudi government yesterday took a sharp tone against Tehran, against the backdrop of the possibility that Saudi citizens had visited Iran In a way that the Kingdom’s authorities cannot identify. The Saudi accusation is intended to follow Iran, since the intensification of US sanctions, the mechanism of stamping the entry of the country not affixed to the passport, which obscures the information about the traveler entering Iran from an intermediary country with the agencies of other countries. The Saudi government issued a statement urging its citizens who had visited Iran in an irregular way since February 1 and returned in the past weeks, to disclose it immediately, giving them 48 hours to exempt them from applying the provisions of the travel documents system.

The Saudi escalation stance appears to be devoid of political background

The official news agency quoted a “responsible source” as saying that Iran’s behavior holds it “directly responsible for causing the spread of HIV infection and spreading across the world and constituting a health threat to the safety of mankind, and is considered to undermine international efforts to combat the new Corona virus, and constitutes a threat to the whole world”, knowing The injured people coming to Saudi Arabia went through other Gulf countries, such as Bahrain and Kuwait, and did not travel directly. The source stated that the injured «turned out to have not disclosed to the competent authorities about their travel to Iran upon their return to the Kingdom», stressing the need not to travel to Iran at all. He threatened that strict legal measures will be taken against any citizen who commits this act anymore.
The Saudi escalation stance appears not without a political background, as it was followed by the Iranian authorities’ disclosure of Bahrain’s neglect of its citizens stuck in it and the failure to take any action to evacuate them. Yesterday, the Iranian authorities criticized the procedures of the Bahraini regime, and Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi pointed out that many regional countries, in cooperation with the Iranian government, had returned their citizens, “Unfortunately, the Bahraini government, despite the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s willingness to cooperate, did not provide On any step aimed at returning its nationals, ”which numbered approximately 1,300 Bahrainis.


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