Corona from zero to disaster … 5 phases of the epidemic


Sky News Arabia – Abu Dhabi

As the threat of the emerging coronavirus increases more and more, countries have classified the severity of the disease within their territories into several stages, in order to be able to develop the appropriate plan for each stage.

The epidemic, known as “Covid 19” in terms of numbers of infections, has five stages, so countries and governments are seeking to take many measures before reaching the advanced and catastrophic stages of the virus.

The first stage of the virus is called “zero”, and is considered fairly stable as no infection is recorded.

As for the second stage, it will be with the registration of the first case of infection on the land of the country. Then the case will be isolated and the authorities will then search and investigate those who may have been infected due to their contact with the patient.

In the third stage, the number of infections increases, and the disease spreads through infection. When the fourth stage of the epidemic begins, the country witnesses several injuries, often in one or more regions of the region, and collectively declaring the areas affected.

The fifth stage is the most dangerous in the journey of the Coronavirus, where the epidemic is spreading and creeping in the whole country as it is currently in Italy.

States are striving with all their efforts, which are sometimes strict or perhaps reach a degree of decisiveness, in order to prevent the spread of the virus in its country to its advanced stages that cannot be depended upon.

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