Corona crisis … Saudi Arabia condemns Iran after the discovery of “secret visits”


Saudi Arabia, on Thursday, condemned the Iranian authorities’ refusal to place a stamp on the passports of Saudi citizens who visited Iran, which is witnessing the spread of the new Corona, and found after their return to the Kingdom that they are infected with the virus.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a statement that the Ministry of Health announced the registration of five cases of covid-19 virus infection for citizens who came from Iran via Bahrain and Kuwait, and indicated that they did not disclose to the competent authorities about their travel to Iran upon their return to the Kingdom.

“A responsible source condemned Iran’s irresponsible behavior, which bears direct responsibility for causing the spread of the virus and spreading it across the world, and posing a health threat to the safety of mankind, and is considered to undermine international efforts to combat the new Corona virus and constitutes a threat to the whole world,” the statement said.

The source urged “all Saudi citizens who visited Iran and returned during the past weeks to disclose this immediately,” and called on them to communicate with the Ministry of Health to guide them to the measures to be taken.

The source added that the citizens who are visiting Iran at the present time, should disclose this upon their return to the Kingdom.

He said that these citizens will be excluded from applying the provisions of the travel documents system and its executive regulations in the event that they initiate this within a maximum period of 48 hours from the time the statement is issued.

The source stressed the need to “avoid travel to Iran permanently, stressing that strict regulatory measures will be taken against any citizen who commits this act anymore.”

And he called on Iran to reveal the identities of the Saudis who visited it in violation since the first of last February, blaming its authorities with full responsibility for each of them, who passed the disease during his stay in its lands without informing the authorities of his country.

The source stressed in the conclusion of the statement that “the Iranian regime’s continued secretive of the identity of the Saudis visiting Iran in secret, and allowing them to do so illegally threatens public health not only in the Kingdom but in the whole world.”

Saudi Arabia has taken numerous measures in an effort to counter the virus, which is still continuing to spread around the world. After announcing the suspension of the performance of Umrah, Thursday, the Kaaba dish in Makkah was closed for purification, fearing the arrival of the new Corona to the holiest sites for Muslims.

As for Iran, which is the epicenter of the disease in the Middle East, it witnessed 107 deaths as a result of the new corona, while the number of registered cases reached 3515 cases.

The virus, which originated from China, has reached more than 80 countries, with a total number of infections of more than 95,000 globally and deaths of more than 3,200 cases so far.


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