Corona counter to 32, including 3 children


Four new infections with the newly created “Corona” virus, announced by the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital, yesterday evening, after recording six cases last Saturday. Thus, during the past two days, Lebanon has recorded only ten additional injuries, bringing the total number of cases, as of last night, 32 of which are in critical condition.According to information from sources in the Ministry of Health, all the new cases that were registered yesterday, “are in contact with previous cases, and one of them belongs to a child who has had contact with the daughter of one of the injured women who came from Britain,” raising the number of children among the injured to three. While noting that “the virus has a less severe impact on children,” she cautioned that “the danger lies with the infection of adults who have had contact with them, who may be more vulnerable and vulnerable to the virus.”
The increasing number of people who have had contact with previous injuries raises more questions about the effectiveness of the measures taken in the field of domestic quarantine and the preventive measures that must be taken. While the Ministry of Health is working diligently to track the paths of new infections to “contain” cases and absorb “panic” that resulted from the statement of Health Minister Hamad Hassan last Saturday regarding the registration of “unknown” injuries, the behavior of the majority of Lebanese is still less than the level required The current stage, as many “persist” in frequenting the gathering and hiking places, while others do not adhere to the required house quarantine, which requires the local authorities to follow a more strict and firm mechanism.
Returning to the report of the “Hariri Hospital”, he issued a statement yesterday, in which he indicated that he had received during the past 24 hours 100 cases in the emergency department, “all of them were subject to the necessary medical statements, and 19 of them needed to enter the quarantine according to the evaluation of the observer doctor, while The rest are committed to the home quarantine, ”he said, noting that there are 19 cases up to now in the quarantine area.

Questions about the effectiveness of the measures taken at the level of domestic stone

At night, the management of the Autel Hospital announced that it had received a patient who “was confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus, and was transferred directly to Beirut Governmental University Hospital.” It also announced «suspicion of two other cases, who were isolated upon entering hospital awaiting the results of tests».
The high frequency of injuries registration raises the debate related to the responsibility of other hospitals for their responsibility towards the current stage, whether governmental or private, bearing in mind that Hamad took his first steps in this regard in the field of laboratory analyzes, as, in anticipation of exceeding the absorptive capacity of the Beirut Governmental University Hospital laboratory, he announced the first Yesterday the formation of a joint committee of specialists to examine university hospitals and ensure their readiness to perform laboratory analyzes of suspected cases of HIV infection. And that «based on the coordination meetings that were held in the Ministry of Health last Thursday and Friday between representatives of government and private hospitals and the Syndicate of Medical Laboratory Owners to reinforce efforts to contain the emerging Corona epidemic. According to the statement issued by Hamad, “It is decided that the implementation of these checks will begin in accordance with the special protocol reached at the aforementioned meetings to ensure the quality of the results and to preserve the health and safety of both the escort team and the citizens.”


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