Corona Coroner documents his pain on Twitter: collapsed with tears The Phalanges


Since the beginning of March, the young man named Justin has been infected, according to what his Twitter account revealed, with the Coronavirus, to begin his journey of suffering, especially since he has type “A” diabetes.

It seems that Justin did not find an outlet in front of him, except for Twitter, tweeting his diaries with the virus that consumed him, and even made him feel many days collapse, as he emphasized in his latest tweets yesterday, saying: I feel some collapse today .. It seems that the difficult situation has managed to Today .. My tears are overflowing .. My lungs are very painful, my blood sugar is 300 .. I try to hold together and stay strong. ”

At the beginning of his injury, Justin spoke about this experience, revealing how his body reacted to the disease.

He also mentioned suffering from a violent headache, deep lung pain, and difficulty breathing.

As his symptoms worsened, he explained, “he almost lost consciousness without an apparent reason”, before going to the medical care unit.

In addition, he explained that he received treatment for regular flu at the beginning when he went to the hospital, and said: “Give me Tamiflu (Tamiflu), and take me back to the house. They said if you feel a deterioration in your health, come back to us.”

Thus, Justin returned again to the treatment center, to leave later for his home, where his wife takes care of him, as he explained in his tweets.

It is noteworthy that the new virus killed nearly 10,000 people around the world as of Thursday.

While the number of injured people worldwide rose to 24,526, 87,407 of them recovered, and for the second consecutive day the Chinese mainland recorded no new local infection.

Source: Arabic


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