Corona causes a significant drop in the price of players


A study published today, Monday, revealed that the outbreak of the Corona virus, which caused the suspension of local and continental football tournaments, led to a drop of about a third in the transfer value of the five major European championships.

The study, carried out by the Football Observatory of the International Center for Sports Studies in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, indicated that the total transfer value of players at the level of the five major leagues (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France) will decrease by 28 percent, from 32, 7 billion euros, to 23.4 billion euros, in the event that no games are played and no contracts are extended to players until the end of next June.

According to the study, the French team Marseille will be the most affected, with an estimated devaluation of its players of 38 percent (a loss of 97 million euros), while the loss of his compatriot Paris Saint-Germain will be 31.4 percent (302 million euros).

The study pointed out that Real Madrid will lose about 350 million euros as a result of its low value by 31.8 percent, while the losses of its traditional rival Barcelona will reach about 366 million (31.3 percent).

The French team Brest will be the least affected, with a loss rate of about 16 percent.

The study touched on the value of players at the individual level, where it was estimated that the value of Frenchman Paul Pogba, the Manchester United player, “will decrease in almost half from 65 million euros to 35 million euros.”

The size of the decline varies according to several factors “such as the age of the players, the length of the contract period, their footballing career and their recent performance.”

The observatory pointed out that “the biggest decline in the percentage is for older players with short-term contracts, who have played fewer games this season compared to the previous season.”

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