Corona and Trump’s secret … Xiaomi beats Huawei in my country


Tragedy of a man could be an opportunity for someone else, this seems to be the case in the global smartphone market, as the Chinese brand Huawei Huawei has been bleeding for a while due to the ban imposed by the United States and Donald Trump.

The last report of Strategy Analytics revealed that Huawei’s loss is a gain for Xiaomi, as it has become the third largest smartphone brand in the world.

In February, Xiaomi shipped 6 million smartphone units worldwide, India was its main market, and its sales there played a role.


There have been previous reports that Xiaomi sales in her homeland have been declining but have been on the rise in India, for a while, having achieved more sales than its competitors, including Samsung and Vivo.

Xiaomi’s strategy in India has been to offer feature-packed smartphones at really competitive prices, although its worldwide shipments fell dramatically in February, but the brand overall outperformed Huawei.

Huawei recorded 5.5 million shipments

Around the world in February, but the past six to eight months have been easy for the tech giant China, there is a ban from Google, which does not allow Huawei to have Google applications in its phones, and as a result Huawei smartphone sales were largely restricted to China only.

Huawei has not launched a new smartphone in India in the past few months, Huawei has responded by launching its own apps that can compete with Google but are still in the early days.

Overall, smart phone shipments worldwide decreased by 38%, which is one of the largest declines experienced by the industry at one time, the Corona virus epidemic has affected all industries around the world, including smartphones.

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