Corona and Mother’s Day: Mothers and nurses fight a virus


Mother's Day at the time of Corona

No kissing, no visits, no gifts .. Thus, the spread of the Corona pandemic has made it a reality that has made Mother’s Day celebrations Faint

This occasion was absent from the minds of many this year, and some focused on news bulletins or on how to sterilize the home and protect themselves, while others celebrated ways to prevent the addition or kissing of the mother, as was customary. .

The impact of the corona virus outbreak on our daily lives is shown through clips and pictures broadcast on social media platforms, as these effects have extended to family visits, so the mother stands at a distance from her children, for fear of transmission to them.

Sterilizer baskets as gifts

Tweeters circulated a scene of young men who decided to celebrate Mother’s Day differently than usual, so they lined up behind the door of their mother’s room, separated, while they were putting masks.The scene has caught the attention of many, so do not shake hands or kiss, even as gifts are delivered after sterilization.

Fear of the virus also changed the quality of gifts usually given to mothers, as some people resorted to ideas inspired by the reality in the world.

To protect the mother from the risk of illness, some have replaced roses and perfumes with sterilizers and gloves, as is the case with the blogMaral Al-Rawi, who put a gift on her gift that read, “Because I am afraid of you from Corona, I decided to present this basket to you.”

As for Nawal Abu Zaid, she wanted to buy a cake in the form of a man wearing a muzzle to celebrate the occasion, while the Egyptian media suggested that Dina Esmat prevented the children from sending a message in the form of gifts instead of sending them by mail or having to leave the house.

Many bloggers, such as Naela Saleh, complained of using the phone applications for greeting, after they moved from house to house to celebrate their mothers and grandmothers.

The same complaint was repeated by Jamila Idris, who and her only sister used to meet in their parents’ house on March 21 of each year.

She tells the True Blog even though my home is only 30 minutes away from my family’s home on foot, but my sister and I agreed not to visit my mother this year and only give them back through the Facebook application, in order to keep her and our children safe, she is a big lady and suffers from cancer, which may make her More likely to get sick. ”

“Since we moved to Germany more than 20 years ago, we have been keen to gather in the family home on important occasions. Besides religious holidays, we have been holding a small party on Mother’s Day,” she added, trying to overcome her tears.

“But this year I gathered my sons around me, prepared a cake, called our mother, and sang it with the songs of Fayza Ahmed and Warda al-Jazairia. I don’t like indirect communication or use the emoji to express my love to my mother without hug or kissing, but I promised her when this nightmare ends, we will celebrate it with great celebration.”

Celebration inside the quarantine

Samira Dawad did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the feast today, so she met with her sisters at the family home to celebrate their mother and prepare delicious sweets and medicine.

Her children also adorned the house with flowers during this occasion. They prepared for celebration this year early, but nothing happened.

As soon as she returned to Jordan, after a long trip in Malaysia, Samira and her husband were quarantined as a precautionary measure that the authorities transferred to a hotel on the banks of the Dead Sea.

Samira said in her interview with us: “I thought that the world would be able to contain the virus and limit its spread, but what happened was not expected, it is like a fantasy movie and in the end the spread of the virus in Jordan changed all my plans.”

“This year comes Mother’s Day without being able to share it with my mother and children as I used to,” she continued.

But Samira received a big surprise, and her children did not deny her the opportunity to celebrate this year, so they gave her a big party, which they broadcast via Facebook Live.

The celebrations did not end there, as Samira Sabiha received on March 21 a bouquet of beautiful roses attached to a card reading “From stone to stone … every year and you are safe and enlightening our lives, my sweetest mother or the universe.”

Samira adds: “Although I am sad, this day means a lot to me, and I wished to see my mother in order to fulfill a small part of her tiredness and watch over us, but I am a gesture of my children that brought pleasure to my heart and played down the quarantine.”

And she concludes: “Ahmed, God, I and my family are fine, the most important thing of all, in light of this grim circumstance is prevention, all this grief will be revealed and we will return to the confines of our families and the arms of our mothers. Before me among the mothers working in the health sector, they are the ones who make a great sacrifice to humanity.”

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‘Home is Mother’ Nurses

Rana Wehbe, the nurse at Beirut’s Hariri University Hospital, mixes feelings of joy and sadness about her mother. “I could not hug my mother today, she printed a kiss on her back while she was asleep, and then I went to work without preparing her the candy bar that she loves, but she will forgive me because my goal is to save my country and keep the ghost of this virus away from our loved ones.”

She continued: “This year the physical manifestations have disappeared, but the messages of love are present. I hope that my mother will be satisfied with me, as her picture accompanies me everywhere, and I say to all mothers, do not worry, we are here until we defeat this disease.”

Days ago, nurse Lara appeared in a teardrop clip, expressing her longing for her young children and her cancer mother. The scene of Lara shook the pioneers of the communication sites who shared her clip thousands of times and considered her condition the best evidence of the sacrifices that mothers make in all times and conditions.

Lara’s condition is not different from the rest of the mothers, as they share the same fear and anxiety about the fate of their children, if they are housewives or employees, so they are concerned about the health of their children.

“Last year I asked for work leave to celebrate my mother and to spend the day with my young children,” said Manar Matar, who works with the Medical Laboratory Department. “This year they came back to me via Skype and presented me with beautiful graphics. I have to leave them because we are fighting another kind of war to protect our country from a hidden enemy. I am sure my mother Satisfied with me, we are the soldiers of the homeland and it is our security


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