Corona afflicts an entire family … How did the infection reach? | The Phalanges


The authorities in Algeria announced that 16 members of one family were infected with the emerging coronavirus.

Sixteen members of one Algerian family in the province of Blida, near the capital, Algiers, were infected with the new Corona virus after they communicated with Algerians residing in France, the Ministry of Health announced on Thursday.
The epidemiological examination made it possible for the infection to be traced, to show that it had moved from an 83-year-old Algerian and his daughter, who were residing in France and were not included among the 16 injuries.
This man and his daughter visited their family in Blida, 50 km south of the capital, between February 14 and 21, according to the Ministry of Health.
On the other hand, the Algerian Ministry of Health confirmed the emergence of 9 new cases of the emerging virus, on Wednesday, which brings the total number of infected people inside the country to 17 cases.
The authorities opened an investigation in an effort to identify the persons with whom the man and his daughter communicated during their stay in Algeria.

The government also placed medical personnel in hospitals, especially in Blida and neighboring towns, on alert to deal with new cases.

“The system of vigilance and preparedness approved by the ministry remains in effect and medical teams remain recruited and at the highest levels of alert,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

Source: Sky News


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