“Confined inside the body.” The handsome Saudi artist shocked everyone


After a sudden absence, the Saudi artist and media player Badr Al Zaidan appeared,
Once again, revealing shocking details about the secret of his absence, and his severe psychological depression.
And Badr published two personal photos of him, through his account on the website
The short tweets, “Twitter”, in which the difference appeared clear in his features and his body, which
He became more consistent, and he said about them that the separation between them is one and a half years.
The Saudi artist said in a video clip of him during that period of
His life, and commented on him by saying: “Malik long, after my eyes were darkened I went to God Almighty,
And his hope guides me on the right path, and I get up from this gloomy world, oh what life changes or ends!
I swear to God, I have reached the stage of dying or living … Depression is dangerous, and fame and lights believe me
And others are all things that increase depression what you lack.
Badr added in a second tweet: “After I reviewed the kingdom
2018, I started looking at me and thinking, I did what I got here! I feel I am not me, as if in it
A person wearing a mask while I was trapped inside this body, I became more depressed and isolated, even my mother and my family are all
They pity me, and I am after them, thank God. “
And he posted another tweet: “I disappeared from the world as usual and started making
New habits are organized. I eat and cook for myself. I sleep 10 at night and wake up at dawn.
“I bought sports equipment at home and started exercising, and I started to change for the better.”
It is known that the artist and media player Badr Al Zaidan is a handsome young man
And boy dreams of many girls, especially Saudi women.
Last July, a video girl asking for marriage Badr Al Zaidan was released and offered him a large amount of money as his dowry
The video only showed the girl’s voice, and she spoke, saying: Oh Badr
If Login is worth a million, you are worth millions .. I asked you to marry, do not return me. ”


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