Condoms are at risk .. “Bloomberg” warns of a global condom crisis over Corona


The world’s largest condom company, Kaex Bhd, has warned of a possible shortage of supplies of condoms by up to 50% globally, while keeping stocks not enough for more than two months.

According to the agency, “Bloomberg,” the American company that manufactures condoms, which produces 5 million condoms in the world and distributes them to 141 countries, did not resume production until last Friday, after closing it for a week.

This comes at a time when the demand for condoms in the world is doubling, coinciding with the actions of governments around the world, in order to quarantine citizens in their homes, in the context of fighting the spread of Corona.

As the activity of Kaex Bhd Company was resumed after obtaining permission from the Kuala Lumpur authorities, and the company operates only half of its staff in accordance with the measures imposed by the Malaysian authorities.

The company said it is mainly producing condoms in China and India, which are still affected by the Corona virus, and a company official has warned of a rise in condom prices.


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