Commenting lectures and workshops on the Qur’an in Saudi mosques


Source: Riyadh – Arabic. Net

The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da`wah and Guidance in Saudi Arabia, Abdul Latif bin Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, issued a decision to suspend scientific lessons, advocacy programs, lectures, women’s homes, and study in the Quran memorization workshops in all the kingdom’s mosques and mosques from Monday until further notice.

This comes as a result of the Ministry’s concern for the safety of male and female students, and those who go to the homes of God, and to reinforce the preventive and precautionary measures recommended by the competent health authorities in the Kingdom, as part of its efforts to control the new “Corona” virus (COVID19).

The Ministry of Education announced earlier the suspension of studies in all schools and institutions of education from Monday to another notice, and the activation of the distance study during the suspension period.

The Ministry of Education confirmed that the decision to suspend is a precautionary decision, and requires everyone to adhere to the causes of prevention and to follow health instructions and guidelines to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, noting that the decision to return to study is subject to the evaluation of the committee concerned with facing the Corona virus.


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