Collective exchange in Lebanese banks … Bank famous employees in the Department of Risk


Reda Sawaya wrote in the newspaper “Al-Akhbar” under the title “Collective exchange in banks … and the future is black”: “After the wave of collective exchange that affected about 40 employees at the Lebanese Trade Bank (BLC Bank) at the beginning of last October,” Al-Mousa “arrived To the bank of the Bank of Credit Bank employees, of whom “about 60 employees have been disbursed since the beginning of this year. The total number of expenses this year is expected to reach 90,” according to the president of the Union of Bank Employees, Asad Khoury.

Up to now, these two cases are the only ones that can be classified in the group disbursement framework, which are the cases in which 3 or more employees are disbursed at once. While – for example – the disbursement of 20 employees over a year, and in stages, is not a collective disbursement. According to the head of the Union of Banks Employees in Lebanon, George Al-Hajj.
In the case of the Bank of Credit, the number of expenses exceeds 10% of its employees, “whose number is estimated at about 600 employees”, according to Al-Hajj, indicating the size of the crisis that the sector suffers from, which it is exacerbating internally. What about employee rights? ”To read the full article Press here.


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