Club regains Liverpool’s beating heart against Atletico Madrid


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Al-Quds Al-Arabi: Liverpool coach Juergen Club presented good news to the club’s fans, confirming the return of captain Jordan Henderson at tomorrow night against Atletico Madrid, in the second leg of the Champions League final, after recovering from his knee injury, which hindered him from kicking the ball in The last three weeks.

The former Sunderland player was injured during his participation in the first leg, which the Red Merseyside lost at Wanda Metropolitano with a clean goal, last month, after which he missed the last four games in various competitions against West Ham, Atford, Chelsea and Bournemouth, before To recover from it at the right time, to enhance Klopp’s choices, along with Scottish Andy Robson, who also recovered from his injury, has kept him out of the weekend match.

When the German coach was asked about the latest developments in the leader’s injury and the chances of him joining the Red Indians site, he answered in his interview with reporters, today, Tuesday, “We know that he did not participate with us since his injury, but he returned to training, and that he has a role in tomorrow’s match. Also, Robertson became fit , While Allison will be absent from Bakir, and his absence may continue after the Everton match.

Responding to a question about his opinion or expectation of the match, he said, “We are not afraid to leave the Champions League, as we know that fear will not make us play freely and in a good way, we are only thinking of taking advantage of the greatest possible opportunities against the goal. Joao Felix? I expect a bright future for him, because he combines speed and creativity, and I hope he does not create problems for us. ”

As for the talk of the time, “Corona Virus,” which caused the freezing of football activity in Italy, as well as the League matches being held behind closed doors and other matches in the European Champions League, including the Champions League, he said, “It is not about me as a coach, but on the one hand Humanity, there are moments when humanity is more important than anything else, and regardless of what will be taken, we will respect it, but do not talk to me about how we felt at that moment (canceling the Premier League or the Champions League).

It is known that Liverpool is just around the corner to embrace the English Premier League title for the first time in 30 years, alone in the lead with 82 points, away with 25 full points and more than the champions of the last two seasons Manchester City.


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