Closure of Saudi land borders with Kuwait disrupts “joint” operations


Saad Al-Shetty –

Yesterday, Kuwaiti workers in Al-Khafji joint operations between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia found themselves unable to join their business, after they were returned from Nuwaiseeb port as a result of the decision to close the Saudi land borders with Kuwait.

Informed sources told Al-Qabas: Since yesterday (Saturday), Kuwaiti workers were unable to join their work in Al-Khafji operations, and the same is the case for Saudi labor, which was also unable to join its work in joint abundance operations, after the borders between the two countries were closed, which is something that The latest network in joint operations.

The same sources stated that Kuwaiti workers, who were present in Al-Khafji after the issuance of the decision, were allowed to return to Kuwait, and the same is the case with regard to Saudi labor that was in Kuwait, explaining that the Kuwaiti who leaves his work from Al-Khafji cannot return to work, and also those who leave from the Saudis Abundance cannot return to work, so leaving work is one-way without return.

The sources expected that this decision will affect the joint operations in Al Khafji and Al Wafra, after losing half of its human resources in the two fields, which may delay the return of production operations in the joint area between the two countries. The sources estimated the number of Kuwaiti workers in Al-Khafji joint operations at more than 800 workers. Noting that they were unable to join their work at the present time until the land borders were opened again or instructions were issued to exclude them and allow them to join their work.

It is noteworthy that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia agreed earlier this year to return production in the divided region, which produces more than 500 thousand barrels per day after a hiatus of more than 5 years.


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