Close to beaches, cinema and legalization of restaurants


Source: Dubai – Abdullah Al Mutawa

The UAE announced, Saturday, a temporary closure of public and private beaches, parks, private and public swimming pools, cinemas and gyms designated for training temporarily starting from Sunday for a period of two weeks subject to review and evaluation, in order to reduce Corona Virus OutbreakAccording to what was approved by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management.

The Ministry and the Authority decided to legalize the work of restaurants, cafes and food and drinking service delivery outlets for the same period subject to review and evaluation, provided that they meet the requests for home delivery and host their clients by 20% of their capacity, taking into account the distances “social spacing” which are not less than two meters provided that sterilization procedures and health conditions are applied Public with the exception of external kiosks and personal requests made by customers themselves.

She urged the public to exercise in the open air, and at the same time called on the federal and local institutions for the private sector responsible for implementing these decisions according to what is guaranteed by the law, and to monitor the implementation procedures and develop the necessary instructions to educate the public in this regard.

13 new hits

In addition, the UAE Ministry of Health announced, on Saturday, that it had discovered 13 new cases of the emerging corona virus.

In details, the official spokesperson for the health sector of the UAE, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, confirmed that the cases of corona healing reached 38 cases, noting that the law will take its course with all those who spread rumors about the epidemic.


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