Clarification from the “Jesuit Monastic Order” regarding the fourth death of “Corona” in Lebanon!


The Jesuit Order in Lebanon issued the following explanatory statement:

“The Jesuit Order in Lebanon cooperates with all concerned to confront the global epidemic in a transparent and responsible manner. It only publishes what it knows as facts, far from speculation and interpretations. Therefore, we are interested in clarifying the following:

1- On March 8 in the afternoon, it became clear from the results of the medical analysis at the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital that one of our parents was infected with the virus. Meanwhile, all the Jesuits in our monastery in Beirut subjected us to quarantine and reported this stone, and each of us contacted the people we met in the past period to warn them. The next day we learned that another of our parents was also injured. On Thursday, March 12th, all those present at the Abbey of the Patriarchs in Beirut and Jesus, and the Monastery of Bikfaya, as well as all the employees in the home quarantine, underwent a medical examination. The results appeared consecutively on Saturday, March 14, and we published the information on the morning of Monday, March 16.

2. None of our parents was in Italy recently. The last arriving from Italy among the Jesuits arrived on February 6, and he underwent a medical examination with a negative result. It is reported that one of our fathers was in Italy and the transmission of the infection to his father is unfounded. The father in question has been in Lebanon since January, after completing his studies in the United States, and the infection was caught in Lebanon like the rest of our infected parents. We have handed over a list of all our visitors from the end of January until the end of February to the crisis management cell in the Ministry of Health in an effort to determine the source of the infection, whether we had received it from outside or inside Lebanon. ”

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