Chinese scientists fight corona with this vitamin .. Will it be the solution? Our life – destinations


Chinese scientists are testing high amounts of vitamin C on a number of patients with corona virus in an attempt to find out whether these nutrients are able to suppress the deadly virus. Scientists at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University provide daily doses of 24 g of vitamin C for patients infected with Coronavirus, over a period of seven days, according to the website Russia Today.

Scientists seem optimistic about the possibility that these vitamins are the solution to this new strain of the Corona virus, and the dose offered by Chinese scientists represents about 60 times the amount recommended daily by the British Health Service, and 24 times the amount that is tested against the common cold. .

Currently, experts are urging people to take some measures to help prevent the spread of the disease. While the team of scientists in Wuhan, the first origin of the Corona virus, is testing the potential of vitamin C in fighting this deadly virus.

Dr. Mike Skinner, a virologist at the University of Imperial College in London, says scientists do not know the value of vitamin C against Corona virus during this time, noting that the dose being tested in China is “huge”.




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