Chinese doctors talk about the severe consequences of corona virus after recovery


Hong Kong Hospital Administration indicated that “patients recovering from a new type of coronavirus may have poor lung function and suffocation when brisk walking.”

The conclusion is based on a study of a group of 12 patients who recovered from the new coronavirus, according to Margaret Owen Zheng, head of the Infectious Diseases Center at Princess Hospital, that two or three of them could no longer do what they were doing before.

The South China Morning Post quoted the doctor as confirming that they “suffocate when walking quickly, and some patients may experience a 20-30 percent reduction in lung function after recovery,” noting that “patients will undergo further examination to determine the extent of their job impairment.” Pulmonary, as they will receive physical therapy to strengthen their lungs. ”

The newspaper pointed out that “the analysis of the results of computerized tomography of the lungs of nine patients undergoing treatment in Princess Margaret Hospital revealed some changes to the internal organs, which indicates their damage.”

Meanwhile, Owen Zheng added that it remains to be seen what the long-term effect on the lungs can be caused by the disease. For example, specialists intend to know whether COVID-19 can contribute to the development of pulmonary fibrosis, a condition in which streaks of Connective tissues on the lungs, which interfere with their normal functioning.

The doctor also advised patients who were cured to perform cardiovascular exercises, such as swimming, to help the lungs recover.

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