Children of the Light are coming on Android next month


Officially, the launch of Sky: Children of the Light will be launched on Android next April.

It has been a few months since we last heard about a game Sky: Children of the Light On Android, where in October last year, a minor version of the aforementioned game was announced that users can test as an early access version, and it is also known that the game is officially and publicly available to everyone on the other iOS operating system.

Now, I announce

For the game on Twitter, The title will arrive sometime in April, with no date set in itself, giving that developers an opportunity to announce another announcement as we approach the official release, and it’s worth noting that the game will be available for free download.

On the whole, this game is coming from the Thatgamecompany team, which is the team itself behind a wide range of games that won the approval of a wide category of users such as Journey, Flower and Flow, so the title will be like its predecessors, and this is what we really touched on title reviews from iOS version .

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, The actual launch date for Android OS users is still mysterious, but if you would prefer to receive a notification as soon as it arrives, pre-register it by going to the registration copy in the Play Store.

Game pre-registration Sky: Children of the Light On Android.



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