Change in the Olympics calendar


According to Japanese press reports, on Sunday, July 23, 2021 is a possible date from the organizers’ point of view to launching the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, after it was postponed from the summer of 2020 to next year due to the Corona virus. The official Japanese channel, “NHK”, quoted sources in the local organizing committee, saying that the likely date for launching the session would be July 23. On March 24, the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government announced the postponement of the Summer Olympics, which had been scheduled between July 24 and August 9 from 2020, to next year, in an unprecedented step on the Olympic Games in the modern history of the games (since 1896 ). The decision came after pressure from athletes and sports federations to postpone the games in light of the outbreak. The postponement announcement indicated that the games will be held during 2021, and no later than the end of the summer. After the move, German International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said that all options are on the new date, and that the session may take place during or before the summer even. A number of those involved in the games alluded to researching the possibility of setting them up during the spring, which could allow the organizers, athletes and fans to benefit from moderate weather, and avoid the holding of the Olympics in the summer during which the Japanese capital witnesses a sharp rise in weather temperature and humidity.

A number of those involved in the games alluded to researching the possibility of holding them during the spring semester

The mayor of Tokyo, Yoriko Koike, said that moving the games to the spring may allow the return of the marathon to the capital from the northern city of Sapporo, after the International Olympic Committee decided to transfer it to it to benefit from the moderate heat in the summer.
According to Japanese press reports, the local organizing committee headed by Yoshiro Mori is currently continuing its discussions with the International Olympic Committee on the new date for the Games. While no deadline has been set for a decision on this matter, Mori told Japanese television, that the stakeholders will reach a “summary” within a week.
On the other hand, the NHK news channel reported that the Olympic flame, which was due to start its career in Japan this week and was postponed after the games were postponed, will be shown for a month at the “JV Village” sports complex in Fukushima city (the previously established starting point). ) Over a month.
Organizers have chosen this complex to launch the torch relay, because of the symbolism it holds for Japan, as it was used as a base for thousands of relief workers in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami and the 2011 nuclear disaster.
Tokyo views the games it was chosen to host in 2013 as evidence of the country’s recovery and the Fukushima disaster. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, after announcing the postponement of the session, said that holding it next year would be a sign and celebration of humankind’s overcoming of “Covid-19”.


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