Central – in the time of Corona … What will happen to the Ramadan series?


In light of the developments taking place in the world due to the emerging corona virus, the drama makers live in a state of uncertainty between continuing to photograph or stop their expected works.

There were varied positions of a number of actors who are running in the Ramadan race, as some of them saw the necessity of completing filming their series to catch the expected season, while others saw the importance of stopping to avoid an outbreak of infection with the Corona virus.

Perhaps the most prominent series that has already been filmed, the series Adel Imam, which carries the name “Valentino”, but the reason for this may be that the preparation for the series began last year, as it was scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2019 before it was postponed.

The filming of the series had stopped abruptly in the past, to fall behind in the previous Ramadan season, and the “leader” was absent from the small screen in Ramadan for the first time in nearly 7 years.

To clarify the details and the reasons for the postponement, Egyptian film critic Tarek El-Shenawi said that the postponement did not come due to the health condition of the imam.

Al-Shennawi added earlier to “Sky News Arabia”: “The producer of the series has already announced that it will be shown during Ramadan in 2020, and therefore it is still too early to resume filming.”

Egyptian media reported that director Rami Imam is about to finish editing the “Al-Zaeem” series.

Despite the concern about the epidemic of “Covid 19”, the Egyptian actor Ahmed Salah Hosni confirmed that he will continue filming his new series “Al-Fatwa” with the artist Yasser Jalal, taking care to follow infection prevention measures.

He said in televised comments: “I have to continue filming. I feel as anxious as any Egyptian citizen, especially my family, but what happens will make us stronger, and let us know the value of the little things we used to underestimate.”

Hosni pointed out that there is a keen interest in the filming site to follow the necessary health guidelines to avoid injury, such as sterilizing the site continuously and measuring the temperature of the workers, with everyone wearing gloves and masks, and sterilizing the hands constantly.

This came before the Egyptian media reported the news of stopping the filming of a number of works, including “The Fatwa”, “The Choice” by actor Amir Karara, “Silk Thread” by artist Mai Izz Al-Din, “Black Luminous” by Haifa Wehbe, and “Layalina” by Ghada Adel and Iyad Nassar, and “Sultana Al Moez” by Ghada Abdel Razek.

The Egyptian newspaper, “The Seventh Day”, also stated that the artist Zina and the team of her series “Collecting Feminine” obtained a compulsory license from photography due to the spread of Corona virus, isolation measures and curfews.

Corona’s influence on the drama extended to Morocco, where comedian Hassan El-Fad announced that he would stop filming the series “Kebbour”, due to “the current health situation and the precaution it requires.”

And artists had called for the necessity of stopping all work related to the drama, in order to ensure the health of workers in the field, including artist Rania Youssef and actress Wafa Amer.

The captain of the acting professions in Egypt Ashraf Zaki said in previous statements that most of the works are “about to finish filming,” stressing that filming takes place inside the “plateaux” (internal studios), where more measures are taken to confront the Corona virus.

Source: Sky News


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