Central – for the second day …. a crowded street that violates public mobilization


Central- For the second day in a row, scenes of breach of public mobilization continue in different regions, either through people’s queues in front of the ATM to receive salaries or through traffic jams in some roads and highways, at a time when security forces and municipalities continue their measures to prevent the expansion of the virus spread.

A number of main streets in Sidon witnessed, for the second day in a row, especially Riad El Solh Street, the traffic jam and queuing of citizens in queues in front of the ATM, to withdraw their salaries, without taking any of them any preventive measures, in terms of leaving a safe distance and wearing masks and gloves.

In Tripoli, it was reported that the elements of the Internal Security Forces of the Tripoli Company carried out a proliferation in front of the ATM machines of banks, prevented the citizens from gathering in front of them, and asked them to keep a safe distance between them and to put up masks, in order to avoid the spread of the Corona virus infection. It also erected barriers in the city’s squares and streets, and tightened the handling of taxis, as well as foot patrols and forced everyone involved in the general mobilization decision to close their stores.

Some citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with what is going on, asking about the measures of strict public mobilization and avoiding gatherings and not leaving the house except for necessity.

The “I am an Independent” group had implemented an awareness campaign for citizens and called on them to adhere to health and preventive guidelines when carrying out financial transactions, and had posted educational leaflets at every ATM that included the need to maintain a safe distance and wear protective gloves and masks.

Likewise, heavy traffic was recorded from calcined vehicles towards Hazmieh and from Chevrolet towards Sin El Fil, Dora and the River of Death towards Beirut, and on the Jounieh highway as well.



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