Central – easing legal restrictions imposed on small depositors!


The flare-up between the “IMF” party and the parties supporting the government’s choice not to pay unfair debts and refuse to import the ready-made fund’s recipe, is expected to flare up again. The discriminatory Prosecutor General Ghassan Aouidat is on a date with the Association of Banks to ask her about the foreign transfers that the banks implemented in the previous period. This coincides with the summons of the Financial Prosecutor Ali Ibrahim for the owners of companies importing oil derivatives. Ibrahim had put a “prohibition of disposal” sign on the assets of 20 Lebanese banks and reported them to the General Directorate of Real Estate Affairs, the Commercial Registry Secretariat, the Traffic and Mechanism Administration Authority, the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon, the Association of Banks and the Financial Markets Authority, before Awaidat himself intervened to nullify the decision, knowing that the plaintiff The discriminatory year was one of the participants, knowledgeable and agreeing to “prevent action”, but political pressures forced him to change his position and freeze the decision. Judicial sources “preach” that women from the Banking Association will receive promises to ease legal restrictions imposed on small depositors.



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