Celebrity comments on the crisis of Yasmine Abdel Aziz and her brother


Celebrity comments poured into a crisis Yasmin Abdel Aziz And her brother Wael because of an announcement Ahmed Al-Awadi He expressed her love for her, as a number of stars expressed their frank opinion in these public quarrels that caused controversy through the social media.

Nahed Sibai’s comment on the crisis of Yasmine Abdel Aziz and her brother

I crossed Nahed Sibai On her frustration with Wael Abdel Aziz’s insistence on converting his dispute with his sister and her lover into a public crisis with a group of publications that offended his sister, she wrote in a post to her via “Instagram”: “I am old, I have to download a religious image because someone who is not shrouded in high and looks like it is religious, and I originally A very ordinary girl, my Lord, hate me in disobedience … but very hard, not able to hold myself, O group. Please, please, men, do not speak to the secrets of people’s homes, show them, their condition, their honor, their faults and their problems, because this is the biggest guilt of bullying who wants the two days countries. “

And the Egyptian star continued in her publication, reviewing the abuses she suffered when she announced the cancellation of her wedding: “O God, conceal our blemishes and the safety of our splendor for us and for all of you, Lord … No one can write the name of someone if you allow in the Communities because it is forbidden to be satisfied with this subject matter I and I love to tell my companions who worked So you shit hard so hard, you two are shit you were brother and my friend ?? !!! But his brother is a man. ”

Nahed Sibai

Rasha Mahdi comments on the crisis of Yasmine Abdel Aziz and her brother

As for the actress Rasha Mahdi, she commented on the crisis through a post on “Twitter”, saying: “Yasmine Abdel Aziz is far from being my sister and my friend. This is a very important Egyptian star … Enough is enough that when we say who are the actresses in the history of Egypt who paralyze the work alone in her name, whether A movie or series, by saying “Yasmine” on the list D. Our Lord will make you happy, you and Ahmed, my love, and will complete you with good and keep away all evil from you. “

Rasha Mahdi comments on the crisis of Yasmine Abdel Aziz and her brother

Amir Tohmeh commented on the crisis of Yasmine Abdel Aziz and her brother

As for the poet and composer Amir To’eima, he spoke frankly about his opinion on the way in which Wael Abdel Aziz spoke about his brother, revealing many of the secrets that passed through the life of the Egyptian star, where he wrote through his account on Facebook: “Whoever answers his sister’s biography in public remains not A man who is not important in the first place, you know his justifications, what happened in this world?

Amir Tohme

Wael Abdel Aziz’s message to his sister Yasmine Abdel Aziz

The brother of the Egyptian star had recently appeared through a video posted on his Facebook account, defending himself against his critics, as he said that this or his previous publications were not intended to offend his sister or obtain fame or money, hinting that he refused to appear in One of the programs paid a large sum of money to talk about his dispute with his sister and her lover, artist Ahmed Al-Awadi.

Wael Abdel Aziz admitted that his differences with his sister started because of the spread of her pictures with Ahmed Al-Awadi from her last birthday party, as he confirmed that he had warned her that he did not accept this behavior, but she refused to listen to him or her other brother and told them that she is free, mature and responsible for her actions. But he also indicated that he did not mind his sister’s marriage and told her that he would be happy for her on the condition that she improve the choice.

In the end, the Egyptian star brother concluded his words by sending a direct message to her, in which he said: “A message from me, O Jasmine, my love, may God grant you success in your life. I can speak in a way that annoys me. Unfortunately, I still wanted to know the nature of this relationship, but I was seeing you under And our Lord is above, because from today I consider me completely righteous of your life and I do not want you to be free in your life and your future, but I am not able to live other wars, I am tired, may God grant you success. “



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