Celebrities of the Arab world are rejoining their mothers … and Muhammad Ramadan “my mother is a queen”


Saudi Arabia News Saudi Arabia News – Riyadh: Celebrities of the Arab world rejoin their mothers … Muhammad Ramadan “My Mother is a Queen” Source of the news – Saudi Arabia -cnn With details of the news, the Arab world celebrities rejoice their mothers … and Muhammad Ramadan “My Queen is Queen”:

News from Saudi Arabia today Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Far from the horror of Corona that is sweeping the world, many of the stars and celebrities of the Arab world shared the photos of their mothers, expressing their highest feelings on the occasion of “Mother’s Day”, in conjunction with the launch of the controversial Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan’s song Especially for this occasion, under the title “Queen Mom”.

After a few months after her death, the Egyptian artist Yusra published a picture that she collected with her mother, via “Instagram”, and I sent a touching message to her: “I missed you, my mother, may God have mercy on you and make you from the people of his paradise … You taught me a lot and raised me the best education, our Lord deprives me neither of your blessings nor of your consent. She asked her followers to pray for her mothers and “for everyone who left us.”

Syrian artist Salaf Fawakherji also published a picture of her mother and her mausoleum, which she visited on the occasion of Mother’s Day, carrying some of her garden roses, and addressed her by saying: “You are the beginning of everything and you are the bottom line …. And forgive me if I leave you alone there and I am here alone and I am there … and if you forgive me, come to me in a dream, tell me … I wait for you every day, to be reassured.

As for the Egyptian artist, Laila Elwi, she directed a video through her official account on “Instagram”, to the sons, saying: “My message today is for boys and girls, not for mothers … Take care of you from your mothers, love them and their destiny because they are tired a lot in life …”

The Lebanese artist Assi El-Hillani, through his official account on “Twitter”, republished the song “My Mother”, which he performed in the Egyptian dialect in 2007.

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The Lebanese singer Elissa also tweeted a photo of her mother on her official Twitter account, commenting on her with a clip from the famous “Set Al-Habayeb” song:

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And the Egyptian artist, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, quoted a passage from the late song Souad Hosni, famously: “O Mama, O Mama, O Mama … My Salam, my respect, my kisses”, to comment on a picture that his mother Gigi Zuid collected, with his late father, published through his official account on “Instagram”.

Whereas, the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan released a song on the occasion of “Mother’s Day”, under the title “My Queen,” and the clip of the song was released by a photo, compiled by his mother.

The song’s clip also included pictures of a number of Ramadan audiences, along with their mothers, in response to a request from his followers through his official account on Twitter.

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