Celebrities in the time of Corona .. Home stone of various practices! (Video)


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Most people currently live in quarantine to combat the emerging coronavirus, which raises fears due to increasing numbers of injuries and deaths around the world. The quarantine, according to the WHO calls, is an essential step to reduce transmission and not to mix with others.

Celebrities and art stars, in turn, are the same as others due to the cessation of artistic activities and the failure to complete the filming of the series and postponing them until further notice, so they have appeared from within their homes serving a stone with various practices, whether it is by exercising or reading books or watching movies, or following the developments of the disease and directing awareness and advice to their followers Through communication sites and the like.

Many celebrities were keen to share with the public the practices they spend inside the house stone, raising the slogan #Khalik_Home, and the Lebanese artist Nadine Nassib Njeim published a video of the road of her friend’s companions, as they expressed the extent of the boredom in which they live.

The artist, Sirine Abdel Nour, also took advantage of her time to prepare the manakish, documented her presence in the kitchen with a video clip and presented her fans with how to prepare them.

The Lebanese artist Ragheb faced the mark of the Corona virus by exercising and lifting weights in the open air on the balcony of his house with the help of his son, where he posted a video through his account on “Instagram”, during which he appeared while lying down and carrying a 30-kilometer “dumbbells” with the help of his son Khaled.

The famous singer commented on the video: “Exercise after cycling, I love sports in the open air, and what is most beautiful when your son shows a man and uncle trains you.”

Lebanese media and model Carla Haddad was also keen on taking an interest in exercising inside her home, and she shared the video with the audience as they interacted with many comments.

The artist, Nahed El Sebaei, showed her grace while she was practicing some yoga exercises, and she was impressed by her followers and commented on her.

Lebanese journalist Ali Jaber, director of MBC Channels Group, has also been published and is working inside his home, in addition to exercising to break the routine.

The Egyptian star Ahmed El-Fishawy preferred to spend his time playing the piano, and he sent a message to the audience in a sarcastic way in which he said: “No one is putting his hands on a face,” while he puts his two hands on his face.

Not only were the stars and celebrities Arab, as many foreign stars were keen to share with the public the practices they are doing to spend their time inside the home quarantine.

Source: Fuchsia


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