Celebrations of Mother’s Day, moving messages, rare photos, and the Corona Virus imposes itself, Madam


The spread of the Corona virus prevented dozens of art stars from celebrating International Mother’s Day, which falls on March 21, but it did not prevent most of them from posting effective messages or rare pictures of their mothers. Remarkably, the video clips were used to congratulate mothers and at the same time warn them of the danger of being complacent with the epidemic prevention measures that Sweeping the world.

Nadine Naseeb
Nadine Naseeb celebrates the biggest blessing

The Lebanese star Nadine Nassib Njeim celebrated her birthday as a mother and published pictures of her with her two children and commented: By thanking my Lord every day for the blessing, because without you I would not have known the meaning of motherhood and would not have been able to live every moment. Khalili, my children, and I strayed to your limit, to the extent that my heart reassures you, you are my gift, do God’s Day protect all mothers and have mercy on every mother who has become an angel in the sky, when she claims and prays to her children, O Lord, what deprives any person of his mother and what deprives any mother of her children amen.

Nadine Naseeb
Nadine Naseeb celebration of Mother’s Day

Then she published a message to her mother saying: The mother is life and reassurance, it is medicine and support and she is the true love that never ends. This is how I feel about my mother, and what I feel today about my children, and I know very well what does “a mother or a mother” mean … What is the deep, deep and great love between a mother and her children? My feeling today about my children is similar to how I feel about my mother. I ask God to always keep my mother and provide her with health. Likewise, I send the same invitations to myself for the sake of my children. May God bless you and leave your children for your children and go astray with health, wellness, happiness and peace of mind.

The artist Sumaya al-Khashab, her followers, through her account on Instagram, shared a new picture of her with her mother, and sent her a message on the occasion of Mother’s Day, saying: My beloved mother, every year and you are the most precious and sweetest of my life every year God bless you for me and long in life, my heart loves him.

Toxicity of timber
Sumaya Al-Khashab returned her mother’s mother’s birthday

Actress Dalia Al-Beheiri used Mother’s Day as usual to undergo a new photo session accompanied by her only daughter, Qasim, and commented on her saying: Mother’s Day is not only for mothers, but for all the wonderful women.

Dalia Buhairi
Dalia El-Behery celebrates Mother’s Day with her only daughter, Taksim

Mother’s Day, every moment of him passes with grief over who lost his mother, and this is what happened with the artist Hossam Dagher who recently bid farewell to his mother, and he republished the last picture they collected via his Instagram account, and commented on it, saying: His last picture is with you, Mama, and you are tired and come with me The last honor and the phone call to my currency is a surprise to me, and I am on a program with Nashwa Mustafa.

Hussam Dagher
Hussam Dagher and his last photo accompanied by his late mother

He continued, saying: Oh, may your voice brutalize me and the world, it remained difficult after you, and there is no one in it who knows what our Lord has mercy on, and have mercy on us all, God willing, with his mercy, and we meet for good.

The actor and producer Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz used to publish his father’s photos and asked to read Al-Fatihah for him, but today he published a rare photo of him from his childhood with his mother and commented on it, saying: My precious mother … may God bless you for us and bless us in your presence and always bring us together for all the best.

Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz
Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz publishes a rare photo of his childhood with his mother

He added: Eid or Happy, and every year, and you are good and good. And, Lord, always, God willing, in the best health and the best condition … Notice: This child remains, I ask you, Al-Fatiha, prayers to parents, and to everyone who left us.

While his brother, the artist Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, was keen on publishing a picture that brings together his father and mother, and commented on it saying: “Mama, mother, mother, my peace, my respect, my kisses, every year, and I brought you kindness, and may God bless you for us.”

Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz
Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz remembers his parents on Mother’s Day

The singer Rami Jamal expressed his sadness over the arrival of Mother’s Day, in light of the difficult period the country is living in, preventing gatherings due to the new Corn virus, and publishing a sad tweet in which he said: Mother’s Day is the first time that a feeling is evident that our visit and our gathering is a danger to our people .. Oh God We know that there is no harm except with your permission .. Oh God, we ask you with our weakness to save us and who we love from this affliction.

Rami Jamal
Rami Jamal sad because of the difficulty of celebrating Mother’s Day

The artist Ilham Shaheen took advantage of Mother’s Day to send a message to the Egyptian mother on the occasion of her birthday, through her account on the Instagram site, and Ilham appeared during the video clip and behind her a picture of her late mother, and she demanded that every mother need to preserve the family and stay at home, to prevent from the deadly Corona virus, explaining that A class is still not complying with the instructions, noting that all precautions must be taken to prevent infection.

Elham Shaheen
Elham Shaheen sends a message to all the mothers of Egypt

Actress Menna Fadali was keen to congratulate her mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day and published through her account on Twitter a number of photos, some of them gathered from her childhood, and commented saying: Every year and you are good, my mother every year and I do not have others in the world every year and you are with me and in my back and support my Lord my hands Health and longevity and heal you and I appreciate you part of your trouble with me you are the love and you are the safety every year and you are good.

Menna Fadali
Menna Fadali regards her mother

Arab Idol Idol Muhammad Rashad posted through his account on Instagram a photo of him accompanied by his mother and commented on it saying: Every Eid and You are my Eid .. Every Mother’s Day and You are Good O six dear God, bless your life and health and live for me my love my mother and it lasts for me Your satisfaction.

Muhammad Rashad
Muhammad Rashad celebrates his mother’s day with his mother

Asma Sharif Mounir celebrated the fact that she is the mother and published a picture of her with her daughter through her account on the Instagram site and commented on her saying: You are the best thing I have, God bless you and leave you forever, I am proud that you are my daughter.

And she continued, saying: Every year and every good and loving mother, may God bless your life and leave you for your children, and your heart will rejoice in them and show them in the best condition and health. Every mother and every six are raised and grown up, you are heroes, with your love

May God have mercy on you, mom.

Asma Sharif Munir
Asma Sharif Munir with her daughter

The Gulf star Shaima Sabt published a video of her, accepting her mother’s hand and commented through her account on Instagram, saying: My mother, a heart of loyalty, oh the origin of all the mother’s waves is the light of light in our lives, and she is the mercy guided by God Almighty. Satisfied his satisfaction

Sada sat
Shada Sat accepted her mother’s hand

She continued, saying: Every year, you are the only one who made my mistake when you said, “May God love you, may my God.” Oh God, save my mother for me and keep me busy with her righteousness, for she is my world, and she owned every day and the mothers of the world for a thousand good .. And God have mercy on everyone who left and left the blessing with her, God save our mothers for us Bless their ages and health, have mercy on those whose mother has passed away, and make Paradise their home.

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