Cautious calm in Idlib … Putin’s Erdogan agreement without Syrians


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A “relative” calm prevails in the Idlib area in northwestern Syria after entering Turkish-Russian agreement On the cease-fire, it came into effect at midnight on Thursday (10:00 GMT), according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

However, although the aerial bombardment by the Syrian regime and its ally Russia has stopped, there are “several artillery shells” fired by “regime forces on the positions of the opposition” factions “supported by Ankara in Aleppo and Hama.

After more than 6 hours of talks, the Russian and Turkish presidents signed an agreement to cease fire in Idlib.

Terms of the agreement

The agreement also included several provisions made clear by Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, during a press conference on Thursday with his Turkish counterpart.

These include:

Establishing a safe pass along the 6 km to the north and south of the M4 road, which constitutes a strategic hub crossing the Idlib region, provided that an agreement is reached between the defense ministers of Turkey and Russia who will agree on the specific parameters of the safe passage within seven days.

Joint patrols run along the “M4” road in Syria, starting March 15.

Halt all hostilities on the seamline in Idlib by midnight on Thursday.

Idlib agreement
Idlib agreement

Ending the Syrian crisis with a Syrian-led political process.

It is worth noting that, despite cautious expectations and modest hopes, this agreement will put an end to several weeks of violent battles in Idlib Governorate, the last stronghold of the opposition factions in the northwest of the country, which led to the displacement of about one million people towards the Syrian-Turkish border, without being able to any Of the displaced from entering the Turkish lands, as Ankara prevented any influx into the Turkish interior.

However, what is remarkable in the said agreement remains the absence of the local parties concerned, whether in terms of the regime or the Syrian opposition.


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