Catastrophe in Italy … Corona death toll exceeds China


Italy became Thursday the country most affected in the world by the new Corona virus (Covid-19), as the number of deaths on its lands exceeded the numbers recorded in China, at a time when the United Nations warned that “millions” of lives are threatened due to lack of solidarity with poor countries in the face of The epidemic.

The Coruna virus has killed at least 9,827 people worldwide since its appearance in December, according to a toll prepared by Agence France-Presse according to official sources yesterday, Thursday, until 19:00 GMT.

More than 23,280 cases have been recorded in 158 countries since the outbreak began. The number of diagnosed injuries only reflects a small fraction of the actual cases, after many countries are satisfied with examining the people who must be hospitalized.

To counter what the World Health Organization has called an “enemy of humanity” threatening to plunge the world into recession, aid has been announced in the hundreds of billions in Europe and the United States.

Nevertheless, European and American stock exchanges fell again in the middle of Thursday.

European Central Bank Director Christine Lagarde predicted a “significant” economic downturn in the euro area as a result of the virus, in an article to be published on Friday.

The number of deaths in Italy with Corona virus yesterday evening exceeded the death toll recorded in China, with 427 deaths recorded within 24 hours, bringing the total to 3405, according to an AFP count based on official figures.

In France, the epidemic has claimed 108 lives within 24 hours, which brings the death toll in the country to 372 deaths, according to the Director-General of Health.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that his country could “reverse course within 12 weeks” in fighting the spread of the Corona virus.

For its part, Washington has tightened its warning to the Americans, asking them not to travel abroad for any reason and to return to the United States if possible.

On Thursday, the United States crossed the threshold of 10,000 registered infections with the Coronavirus, while the death toll was 154, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump said the world was paying “too much” for China’s slow pace in providing information about Corona.

Trump announced that the United States had “approved” the use of chloroquine, an anti-malarial drug, to treat people infected with the virus, even though health authorities had expressed a stance that cast doubt on his announcement.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, warned Thursday that the lives of “millions” are at risk if the world does not show solidarity, especially with the poorest countries, in combating the spread of Corona, and warned of “resort to protectionism.”

On the Arab level, the Saudi monarch, King Salman, warned of a “more difficult” phase in the face of the Corona virus, and said in a speech, which is the first for the leader of a Gulf country on the virus, “the next stage will be more difficult at the global level to confront this rapid spread of this pandemic.”

On Friday evening, Morocco announced the imposition of a state of health emergency and the indefinite movement in the country, as an “inalienable way” to keep the Coruna virus “under control.”

Algeria announced Thursday evening new measures to stop the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, including the closure of cafes and restaurants in major cities.

On Thursday, China had not announced any infection from a local source, in a precedent since the epidemic began.

Disturbing silence

In Spain, the fourth country most affected by the disease in the world in terms of the number of deaths after Iran, the authorities announced a new toll on the death of 767 people, an increase of thirty percent within 24 hours, with the number of infections exceeding 17 thousand, according to the Ministry of Health.

The Coruna virus caused the first death in sub-Saharan Africa, in Burkina Faso. WHO Director Tidros Adhanum Gherbriosos said Africa should “wake up” and “prepare for the worst.”

Russia announced the death of a female patient with newborn corona, but because of a blood clot and not because of the virus, while the official outcome reached 199 infected and no deaths.

The virus excludes no one. The European Union’s chief negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier announced that the tests had confirmed his HIV infection.

Against the background of these developments, Tehran on Friday issued an amnesty for “about ten thousand prisoners”, and said that this was for the occasion of the Iranian New Year and for “reducing the number of prisoners.”

To try to curb the spread of the virus, restrictions on freedom of movement have doubled, and more than half a billion people in the world are called upon to go home, according to the France Press census.

But anxiety prevails in the poorest countries, where isolation will be impossible, like the big Asian cities. In addition, 3 billion people do not have the basic means to fight the virus, water and soap, according to UN experts.

Experts say that the epidemic and isolation in terms of fear of infection or anxiety associated with isolation, may leave psychological effects, especially for the most vulnerable.

“The only thing that worries me is silence,” said 80-year-old Italian Romero Vechera. “We don’t hear noise … when we go out for a walk and we hear steps behind us we feel fear and we turn with concern,” he added.

The Italian authorities announced that the isolation measures “will be extended upon completion” on April 3, and that they also intend to prevent outdoor activities such as a picnic or jogging.

In France, too, extending the isolation period beyond the 15 days will be “probably necessary,” according to the authorities, at a time when Germany will call in reserve soldiers.

The economic world continues to pause, as both GM and Ford announced their North American cars will be suspended.

The future of aviation is threatened

The International Labor Organization has warned that the epidemic threatens 25 million jobs worldwide, in the absence of a coordinated international response.

For its part, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimated that the airlines, which suffered huge losses as a result of the epidemic crisis, needed emergency assistance of two hundred billion dollars.

For his part, Trump signed a $ 100 billion social assistance plan for workers affected by the effects of the virus, while negotiations on a more ambitious recovery plan continue. It may be worth 1,300 billion dollars.

In addition, the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival announced Thursday that the seventy-third session will not happen as scheduled between 12 and 23 May, due to the spread of Corona virus.



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